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Rozhovory: Brian May: Music Scene Magazine '98

Brian May "The Life of Brian", Music Scene Magazine, Nr.6 August 1998

MS: Brian, whats the difference between Queen and your Solo-Projects? Where do you have more freedom and what do you miss?

Brian: This is simple to answer. i have now way more freedom, i can do whatever i want. What i miss is the input and also sometimes also almost a bit the fights with the others.At recording sessions with Queen everything was hot, we all had tons of ideas, there was also some kind of competition and that was what made it so lively (?). I mean if freddie would walk thru this door right at this moment, i would instantly want to work with him again. the new situation is much more open to me, i don't have so much pressure anymore, not from the record company and not from the financial side or any kinds of deadlines. Now i get to experience other things, i get the chance to work with many other musicians, i get to do the score for a video game or to do a special for radio.

MS: talking about video games, the song Cyborg reminds of a videogame.

Brian:Yes thats true, it was the product of such a collaboration.

MS: the song surprises with it's strong line, must be one of your most raw, darkest songs you have ever written?

Brian: yes, that might be true. right after i got asked for a song by this "gang", i tried to think myself into the mind of this robot, thats a very interresting thing to do, because it triggers of something in yourself. at the beginning i wrote the song for the robot, at the end it was a song for me. i began to give the robot my emotions.

MS: you seem to have a special connection to science fiction. the '84 session album "starfleet" gets to mind or the flash gordon soundtrack...

Brian: Yeaaahhh, i love science fiction, it gives us the wonderful possibility to isolate our nature - very interesting. it also was a great pleasure to do this spiderman thing.

MS: you talked about emotions, whats the symbolic meaning of this tree with this odd shape on the cover of your new album "another world"?

Brian: I saw a picture of it in a magazine and i fell in love with the tree. i tried everything to find this tree, and i actually did on a small canary island. i tried to make some sort of conversation with the tree (shy laughter). thispicture connected with me, somehow we share the energy , it has a magical charisma (?)

MS: at the same time the tree seems to symbolise something broken. isn't brian may this calm, balanced person most people think he is?

Brian: i would like to be well balanced, but i'm very sensitive and get very easily out of my balance. i have very high "highs" and also very low "lows". i never wanted to be like that, but suddenly life took everything away from me - and you can't determine your life always. if you are sensitive you get hurt and you get angry, you get to feel pain and happiness.. and all that is on the album. it is over all a well balanced album i think, or what would you say?

MS: you can find hardrock riffs as well as gentle ballads...

Brian: i love this hardrock stuff and for me those ballads just belong there too. all that is part of rock music today.it doesn't just have to be loud, but direct. it has to physically show what i feel

MS: you wrote some lines in the booklet. in one of them you mention "vast areas of despair". how do we have to understand that?

Brian: ohh that are moments i want to quit and then i get the feeling that i'm a bad person, that i can't win and that i can't handle my life. the music helps me in situations like these. i lost my mum, my dad, freddie and recently cozy powell. these things hit you very hard and start lotsa emotions. you don't just get sad, you sometimes even loose the trust in yourself and you desperatly search for a way out. sometimes i get out instinctley or i write a song that helps.

MS: what did you miss most since freddies death?

Brian: hmmmm, the whole person! we have worked and experienced so much together... we just knew that we always would find a way together. thats what i miss now. i mean freddie was so funny, so inspiring and unpredictable, most of the people didnt really know him. we saw all his different sides.

MS: years ago you recorded some albums with queen in montreux, do you still have a special relationship to switzerland?

Brian: well, at the moment, our co-producer, who owns the studio now, is busy with a remix of a track of my new album. what i appreciate in switzerland is the continutinity. in england they are very fixated on fashion, sometimes it seems they just care about what kinda pants you are wearing. in switzerland every kind of art or culture is appreciated, england is very good in creating artist, but not to take care of them. as you might know freddie didn't want to be in england in his last days, it was really worse there. here (montreux) he got the freedom and respect that he needed.