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Navigace: Queen - Královská legenda - Rozhovory: Brian May: GM TV '93

Rozhovory: Brian May: GM TV '93

Brian May Interview, GMTV, 4th June, 1993

Introduction: When Freddie Mercury died of AIDS everyone thought it was the end of rock's royal family, but eighteen months on the remaining members of Queen are busy foreging new careers. Tonight, lead guitarist Brian May kicks of his first ever solo tour of the UK, but before he set off Brian spoke exclusively to our entertainment correspondent Fiona Philips.

(Clip of Resurrection)

Fiona Philips: This morning we've been joined exclusively by Brian May who's preparing for his first UK tour which kicks off in Edinbrough tonight.
Brian, obviously you've played in front of massive audiences before with Queen, what's it like actually going out there on your own, I know you've got a band but, you're the front man?

Brian May: It's very, very different and I love it. It takes everything out of me. I mean with Queen I used to roll up in a city and go shopping and stuff and I'd arrive half an hour before the gig and I could change and go on, I was fine, I could do it every night of the week. With this it takes every ounce of mental and physical preparation to actually do it, because it's just so draining, I mean I know what Fred went through now, when you're singing, and of course I'm playing as well so I don't really get a moment off.

Fiona Philips: And obviously although you always contributed vocally to Queen you weren't known as a lead singer. How have you met that challenge?

Brian May: It's just something I wanted to do, and I think if you want to do something enough you can do it. That's the way Freddie was, so I take my leaf out of his book, really. I wasn't going to let anybody else sing for me now, you know after Freddie I'm sorry there isn't anyone.

(More of Resurrection)

Fiona Philips: When Freddie died you said Queen is no more. Is there ever a chance of the three of you ever doing anything else?

Brian May: I think there's a chance we could do something together, yes, but as far as being Queen, in my mind we should not. I think it's a wonderful book. It has a wonderful beginning and all kinds of brilliant stuff in the middle and it has an end, and I think we have to, in a dignified way, close the book.

Fiona Philips: Why do you think he kept it secret for so long?

Brian May: He kept it secret quite simply because his life would have been ruined if the press had been onto it earlier, there's no doubt about it, this country is the worst in the world. As it was, in the last few months, they made his life a misery. You know, I would be round his house and there would be long-focus telephotos trying to get in through the curtains. I mean he said "Look this is my problem, this is how i'm going to deal with it. I would rather that you didn't say anything to anyone and then we can have business as normal, I can make music up to the end." cause he lived for making his music, totally.

(More Resurrection)

Brian May: Every night we go on stage I learn something, it's incredible. I feel every night that I can do a bit more, as long as this (points to his throat) holds out, I mean that's the major worry. I mean it's every singer's worry and i've joined that band of people who get up in the morning and go (reaches for throat) do I have a voice today?

(More Resurrection)