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Top 5

This Top 5 allows you to choose your best five Queen songs and albums and rate them from 5 to 1 point. You can vote only one time and selecting multiple items in each category is not allowed.
Results consist of overall points ordered from highest value. The list shows both overall ranking and overall count (how many times album or song has been selected in Top 5].

1.A Night At The Opera 2681b 769x Bohemian Rhapsody 2281b 601x
2.Innuendo 1992b 622x The Show Must Go On 905b 285x
3.Queen II 1592b 487x Innuendo 632b 202x
4.Made In Heaven 1313b 440x March Of The Black Queen 473b 140x
5.A Day At The Races 1108b 385x Don't Stop Me Now 472b 149x