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Path: Queen - Royal Legend - Interviews: Brian May: Musikexpress '98

Interviews: Brian May: Musikexpress '98

Musikexpress Nr.6/98


After the end of Queen Brian May has finished this chapter of his life. Now the guitarist faces the real life

Where is this 'other world', which you sing of in the songs of your new album?

It's difficult to find. Sometimes I find a bridge by thich I get there. But I do everything in a slow and painful way. I never could leave out the difficult parts in my life.

Was the time with Queen a difficult time, too?

If I look back it seems to me I was someone different then. It was Brian May, too, but I lived completely differently. Everyghing was beautiful and comfortable. But we also were very adventurous. We could be because we had each other. We knew if one of us falls we all will fall. and we wouldn't had found that so bad. That's why we had this incredible courage. We lived from one album to the next. And we felt very free. That was simply wonderful.

Of course, you had enough money.

We were very spoiled. On tour we could asked whatever we wanted. We got everything. That's addicting. If you don't have it anymore, you have to find your way back to earth. I really found it difficult to be at home and not on the road and to do without all the conveniences and the security network. The world is pretty complicated if you come out of such a cocoon.

But also during your life in the cocoon you never were as wild as your colleagues

My problem always was that I live too much in my head. I still do that. I never really dived into the life in which the others amused themselves. I always stepped back. Somehow I regret it. On the other hand I stayed mentally healthy this way.

Could you explain that?

If you take the whole dose it easily can through you off the track. Like Jimi Hendrix. We all admire him. His career went off like a rocket. But in the end that killed him.

So you feel really good, don't you?

I also very often felt ill. I don't need drugs for that. I never took any. I wanted to see everything clearly. I did not darken my sight by chemical substances. Biochemistry of my body is enough to me. I have enough to do with that.

You sing yourself on your album. Didn't you think of getting a vocalist into the studio?

I like better writing songs than singing. I love to play the guitar. But I need only five minutes for a song. The rest of the work costs me three months.

Do you have idols concerning your singing?

Don't laugh, but to me Whitney Houston is a great singer. Freddie in his way also was a wonderful singer. But my real heroes are Doris Day and Connie Francis. I suffer from a very good hearing. I hate it if someone sings wrong. That drives me crazy.

Do you miss the boys from Queen?

Even if it's convenient to work with the name Queen, your kicking an open door: I grew out of that project. It's comfortable if you don't have to decide everything democratically. That was stressful. In the end it cost me a lot of time and emotions.

So now you're grown up?

Right. I try at least. This is really hard. The most difficult are relations. The theme is within each of my songs. And staying mentally healthy - that is already difficult enough. Now I'm only addicted to astronomy. Some years ago I even travelled to Mongolia to see a total eclipse of the sun.

You're completely equipped?

I have a telescope, nothing special. Some years ago I did astronomy more seriously. Then I built up an observatory on the volcano Teide on Tenerife and wrote my thesis about interplanetary dust in the solar system. That was real great. Each morning I saw the clouds below me and then the sun rose abouve it. Most beautiful.

Translated from German by Livia (r_special)