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The Freddie Mercury Album (14)

Avg. rating : 7.6/10

Best song Weakest song
Voted 3xLove KillsBest song Voted 3xExercises In Free LoveWeakest song
Voted 2xIn My Defence Voted 2xLet's Turn It On
Voted 2xBarcelona Voted 1xIn My Defence
Voted 2xTime Voted 1xMr. Bad Guy
Voted 1xLiving On My Own
Voted 1xLet's Turn It On

13.06.2021 06:02Sister-Blue(Sammi) [2600:1700:2d23:]
My feelings towards Freddie's solo work are not as extreme as they were 5 yrs ago, thankfully. :D
Freddies solo work still doesnt leave as much of an impression as Brian's or Roger's/Cross.

Rating : 5/10 Best song Let's Turn It On Weakest songExercises In Free Love

18.02.2016 05:09Sami-TheCross [108.212.154.x]
Obviously time waits for people who like this. I hate Freddie's solo, the Cross is wayyy better than this garbage... I wish I could give this a 0/10! this is pathetic

Rating : 1/10  Weakest songMr. Bad Guy

12.05.2008 18:26Sylvia17
It's true,time it waits for nobody!:) :(
But Freddie's killer isn't the time...unfortunately...:'(

Rating : 10/10 Best song Time  

04.07.2007 15:43Jacob Gallagher
Great compilation. I personally think that the Barcelona project is greatly overlooked and maybe they should've put the single version of How Can I Go On on there aswell, instead of the 'intermezzo' that Excercises in Free Love actually is.

Rating : 8/10 Best song Love Kills Weakest songExercises In Free Love

04.01.2006 14:45Scaramouche
not so much into this kinda music, but.......

Rating : 8/10 Best song Barcelona Weakest songLet's Turn It On

22.05.2005 14:53Adriano
Who's the mad who votes In my defence as the weakest?

Rating : 8/10 Best song In My Defence Weakest songLet's Turn It On

13.04.2005 17:34Drew
great album

Rating : 10/10 Best song Time Weakest songExercises In Free Love

07.08.2004 08:53Johnny
VERY GOOD,my Dear!

Rating : 9/10 Best song Living On My Own  

04.08.2004 12:41Kingogre
very good compilation of freddies solowork
recomended however not a must in any way.

Rating : 7/10 Best song Barcelona Weakest songIn My Defence

07.02.2004 08:02Ivanna
I love this album... it's one of my favourites.

Rating : 10/10 Best song Love Kills  

05.02.2004 19:40Matias

Rating : 10/10 Best song Love Kills  

18.12.2003 17:08George I. Rodriguez
Another nice mix of songs.

Rating : 8/10 Best song In My Defence  

02.01.2002 05:49Libor
I don't like this album at all. It's just full of remixes, except say three songs (In My Defense, Time and Love Kills) nothing worth to hear, nothing done by Freddie himself.

Rating : 4/10   

22.12.2001 22:44Daniela
It's a very good album, my favourite song is In my defence, I hate Your kind of lover.

Rating : 8/10