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Shove It (5)

Avg. rating : 7.4/10

Best song Weakest song
Voted 3xHeaven For EveryoneBest song Voted 2xRough JusticeWeakest song
Voted 1xLove Lies Bleeding Voted 1xLove On A Tightrope
Voted 1xShove It Voted 1xLove Lies Bleeding
Voted 1xStand Up For Love Voted 1xCowboys And Indians

09.04.2016 03:58Sami-TheCross [2602:306:cd49:a]
So good I had to rate it again!!! (:

Rating : 10/10 Best song Stand Up For Love Weakest songLove Lies Bleeding

30.01.2016 03:53Sami-Macrae [108.212.154.x]
I love the Cross more than Queen!

Rating : 10/10 Best song Shove It Weakest songRough Justice

01.02.2006 18:33

Rating : -- Best song Heaven For Everyone Weakest songCowboys And Indians

08.06.2004 20:30Mikki
i bought this album at the same time as i bought Roger's Happiness? album, jst purely to hear the Cross' version of Heaven for Everyone which is what i think is the best song on this album, though i havent actually listened to the other songs on here properly yet so i can't really comment on them.

Rating : 7/10 Best song Heaven For Everyone  

21.03.2003 16:11Mr Bad Guy
GREAT ALBUM, but the other Cross albums may be better, but this is cool too

Rating : 8/10 Best song Love Lies Bleeding Weakest songRough Justice

12.02.2003 04:56Jul
oh this album is way too bad! except "heaven" the other songs are very very weak and make no sense.

Rating : 2/10 Best song Heaven For Everyone Weakest songLove On A Tightrope