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Shove It (6)

Avg. rating : 7.8/10

Best song Weakest song
Voted 3xHeaven For EveryoneBest song Voted 2xRough JusticeWeakest song
Voted 1xLove Lies Bleeding Voted 1xLove On A Tightrope
Voted 1xCowboys And Indians Voted 1xLove Lies Bleeding
Voted 1xShove It Voted 1xCowboys And Indians
Voted 1xStand Up For Love Voted 1xStand Up For Love

13.06.2021 04:17Sister-Blue(Sammi) [2600:1700:2d23:]
I still love Shove It, but compared to Mad Bad and Blue Rock it's not exactly on the same level.
Still like it though, after all it's got the massive JAM that is Cowboys and Indians!!!

Preference level highest to lowest:
Cowboys and Indians
Shove It
Love on a Tightrope
Rough Justice
Heaven for Everyone*
Love Lies Bleeding
Stand Up For Love

*-Roger did it better!

Rating : 10/10 Best song Cowboys And Indians Weakest songStand Up For Love

09.04.2016 03:58Sami-TheCross [2602:306:cd49:a]
So good I had to rate it again!!! (:

Rating : 10/10 Best song Stand Up For Love Weakest songLove Lies Bleeding

30.01.2016 03:53Sami-Macrae [108.212.154.x]
I love the Cross more than Queen!

Rating : 10/10 Best song Shove It Weakest songRough Justice

01.02.2006 18:33

Rating : -- Best song Heaven For Everyone Weakest songCowboys And Indians

08.06.2004 20:30Mikki
i bought this album at the same time as i bought Roger's Happiness? album, jst purely to hear the Cross' version of Heaven for Everyone which is what i think is the best song on this album, though i havent actually listened to the other songs on here properly yet so i can't really comment on them.

Rating : 7/10 Best song Heaven For Everyone  

21.03.2003 16:11Mr Bad Guy
GREAT ALBUM, but the other Cross albums may be better, but this is cool too

Rating : 8/10 Best song Love Lies Bleeding Weakest songRough Justice

12.02.2003 04:56Jul
oh this album is way too bad! except "heaven" the other songs are very very weak and make no sense.

Rating : 2/10 Best song Heaven For Everyone Weakest songLove On A Tightrope