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Blue Rock (5)

Avg. rating : 9.6/10

Best song Weakest song
Voted 1xHand Of Fools Voted 2xBaby It's AlrightWeakest song
Voted 1xAin't Put Nothin' Down Voted 1xBad Attitude
Voted 1xMillionare Voted 1xThe Also Rans
Voted 1xAin't Put Nothin' Down

13.06.2021 04:20Sister-Blue(Sammi) [2600:1700:2d23:]
This is a tie with Mad Bad. I love it just as much.
Ain't put nothin' down has to be the highlight for me.
If only Heartland were on here then it would be better!! :D
But even then it's still great.

Level of preference, highest to lowest
Ain't Put Nothin Down
Dirty Mind
Hand of Fools
Life Changes
New Dark Ages
Bad Attitude
Put it All Down to Love
Baby It's Alright
Also Rans

Rating : 10/10 Best song Ain't Put Nothin' Down Weakest songThe Also Rans

09.04.2016 03:58Sami-TheCross [2602:306:cd49:a]
So good I had to rate it again!!! (:

Rating : 10/10 Best song Millionare Weakest songBad Attitude

30.01.2016 03:55Sami-Macrae [108.212.154.x]
I want the cross back

Rating : 10/10 Best song Ain't Put Nothin' Down Weakest songBaby It's Alright

21.03.2003 16:17Mr Bad Guy
their best album indeed, my top 10:
1. Hand Of Fools
2. The Also Rans
3. Life Changes
4. Millionaire
5. New Dark Ages
6. Bad Attitude
7. Ain't Put Nothin' Down
8. Put It All Down To Love
9. Dirty Mind
10. Baby It's Alright

I like the Spike Edney tracks least. Peter noone's Heartland is fantastic!

Rating : 10/10 Best song Hand Of Fools Weakest songBaby It's Alright

8.11.2001 08:08Anto
IMHO : the best Cross album. there are some tracks you never stop listening...
New Dark Ages and Hand of Fools for example. Why they didn't include Heartland :-(

Rating : 8/10