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Barcelona (16)

Avg. rating : 7.7/10

Best song Weakest song
Voted 3xBarcelonaBest song Voted 6xOverture PiccanteWeakest song
Voted 3xLa JaponaiseBest song Voted 2xThe Golden Boy
Voted 2xThe Golden Boy Voted 2xHow Can I Go On
Voted 2xHow Can I Go On Voted 1xLa Japonaise
Voted 1xOverture Piccante Voted 1xGuide Me Home
Voted 1xThe Fallen Priest
Voted 1xEnsueno

13.06.2021 04:21Sister-Blue(Sammi) [2600:1700:2d23:]
My feelings towards Freddie's solo work are not as extreme as they were 5 yrs ago
But I think this is great for an opera album, not exactly a Freddie solo album.

Rating : 5/10 Best song La Japonaise Weakest songGuide Me Home

30.01.2016 04:02Sami-TheCross [108.212.154.x]
In fact, the whole album is weak. I hate Freddies solo career altogether - I think it's just natural, I prefer roger and the cross over this dungheap

Rating : 1/10  Weakest songThe Golden Boy

20.07.2010 04:34Impromtu [79.152.130.x]
How can i go on, from day to day...

Rating : 7/10 Best song How Can I Go On  

29.01.2009 01:17Zach [99.229.114.x]
Awesome, best 'solo' album of Freddie's.

Rating : 10/10 Best song Overture Piccante Weakest songLa Japonaise

03.07.2007 17:42Jacob Gallagher
Great collaboration, great and intelligent form of art. I absolutely love the album.

Rating : 8/10 Best song The Golden Boy Weakest songHow Can I Go On

05.09.2006 18:36Nymph
Freddie in quest'album ha una voce... mama ke bel ke l'č!!!

Rating : 8/10 Best song La Japonaise Weakest songThe Golden Boy

09.02.2006 15:27Fabio

Rating : 7/10 Best song Ensueno Weakest songOverture Piccante

21.10.2005 21:57Finn
How can I go on is also great

Rating : 8/10 Best song The Fallen Priest Weakest songOverture Piccante

15.10.2005 17:48Tea Of Deaky
Sorry I meant Overture Piccante", not How Can I Go On... God knows what I was thinking there... oh well it was 1am.

14.10.2005 01:13Tea Of Deaky
Pure class! Having not bought the album I might be missing some of the point since i havent listened to all tracks in the right order but oh well. I think it's the most groundbreaking album ever produced, in some ways - too bad it never really found a huge audience, I can't think why. But still...I don't like "How Can I Go On" that much, just because everything else on the album is so much better - so much better than anything else ever written as popular music - except ANATO/SHA/QueenII etc of course!

Rating : 10/10 Best song La Japonaise Weakest songHow Can I Go On

07.08.2004 08:50Johnny
realy AMAZING!!!only Freddik could did It.He and Cabal'e are perfect duet!

Rating : 10/10 Best song Barcelona  

09.03.2004 04:08Ju
hooh, a very special kind of album, absolutely amazing, full of very good compositions, but not for the radios :)

Rating : 8/10 Best song How Can I Go On Weakest songOverture Piccante

18.12.2003 17:01George I. Rodriguez
Cool (if not different) album. I like it!

Rating : 8/10 Best song Barcelona Weakest songOverture Piccante

17.12.2003 11:25Patrick
Totally amazing. Rockgroups like Deep Purple were already known for mixing classical music with rock, but to mix real opera with pop/rock music was a first and it was very succesfull.

Rating : 9/10 Best song The Golden Boy Weakest songOverture Piccante

01.12.2003 04:55Adrianmarce
excelent album

Rating : 9/10 Best song Barcelona Weakest songOverture Piccante

02.01.2002 15:53Libor
Freddie's dream come true. Barcelona song is quite over-played in public. Other jewels are not well known for most people. How Can I Go On is one of the peaks on this album (John did a bass track), vocally and instrumentally very powerful. It seems both voices have been searching each other until '87
I don't like opera but I like Barcelona album.

Rating : 8/10   

25.12.2001 03:42Jason
Very good album - 'How Can I Go On', 'Overture Piccante' and 'Barcelona' are excellent tracks. However, there are tracks such as 'The Golden Boy' and 'How Can I Go On' that could have been better served without Monserrat Caballe's voice on them (excellent though she is). Above all, though, a very original work (a Spanish woman, and an English man performing an album featuring an Italian art form, and one song's in Japanese :) and a great album...

Rating : 7/10