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Write your comment to any Queen or solo album. And not just a comment, but rate them (from 1 to 10 points) and choose your own best and worst song from any album you like. These additional items are optional. Pelase vote just once for every album, but share your thoughts as many times as you want. The best and the weakiest song are showed after at least two votes.


Avg. rating : 8.3/10 Queen (105) Best song Keep Yourself Alive Weakest songSeven Seas Of Rhye

Avg. rating : 9.2/10 Queen II (113) Best song March Of The Black Queen Weakest songThe Loser In The End

Avg. rating : 8.9/10 Sheer Heart Attack (84) Best song Killer Queen Weakest songShe Makes Me

Avg. rating : 9.5/10 A Night At The Opera (96) Best song Bohemian Rhapsody Weakest songSweet Lady

Avg. rating : 9/10 A Day At The Races (79) Best song Somebody To Love Weakest songDrowse

Avg. rating : 8.6/10 News Of The World (70) Best song It's Late Weakest songGet Down Make Love

Avg. rating : 8.2/10 Jazz (64) Best song Don't Stop Me Now Weakest songMore Of That Jazz

Avg. rating : 8.7/10 Live Killers (41) Best song Spread Your Wings Weakest songGet Down, Make Love

Avg. rating : 8.1/10 The Game (60) Best song Save Me Weakest songDon't Try Suicide

Avg. rating : 7/10 Flash Gordon (24) Best song The Hero Weakest songThe Ring

Avg. rating : 9/10 Greatest Hits (37) Best song Bohemian Rhapsody Weakest songFlash

Avg. rating : 6.5/10 Hot Space (75) Best song Under Pressure Weakest songBody Language

Avg. rating : 8.2/10 The Works (58) Best song It's A Hard Life Weakest songMan On The Prowl

Avg. rating : 7.7/10 A Kind Of Magic (67) Best song Who Wants To Live Forever Weakest songDon't Lose Your Head

Avg. rating : 6.3/10 Live Magic (19) Best song One Vision Weakest songGod Save The Queen

Avg. rating : 8.2/10 The Miracle (64) Best song Was It All Worth It Weakest songMy Baby Does Me

Avg. rating : 8.6/10 Queen At The Beeb (16) Best song Doin' Alright Weakest songModern Times Rock'n'roll

Avg. rating : 9.2/10 Innuendo (95) Best song Innuendo Weakest songDelilah

Avg. rating : 9/10 Greatest Hits II (22) Best song Innuendo Weakest songFriends Will Be Friends

Avg. rating : 6.9/10 Classic Queen (8) Best song Bohemian Rhapsody Weakest songOne Year Of Love

Avg. rating : 8.4/10 Live At Wembley '86 (27) Best song Another One Bites The Dust Weakest songGod Save The Queen

Avg. rating : 8.5/10 Made In Heaven (64) Best song Mother Love Weakest songYou Don't Fool Me

Avg. rating : 8.2/10 Queen Rocks (13) Best song No One But You Weakest songTear It Up

Avg. rating : 6.3/10 Greatest Hits III (29) Best song No-one But You Weakest songAnother One Bites The Dust (+wj)

Avg. rating : 3/10 Live At The Bowl (1) Best song   Weakest song 

Avg. rating : 5/10 Queen Rock Montreal (2) Best song   Weakest song 


Freddie Mercury

Avg. rating : 7.7/10 Mr.Bad Guy (18) Best song I Was Born To Love You Weakest songMy Love Is Dangerous

Avg. rating : 7.7/10 Barcelona (16) Best song Barcelona Weakest songOverture Piccante

Avg. rating : 7.6/10 The Freddie Mercury Album (14) Best song Love Kills Weakest songExercises In Free Love

Avg. rating : 7/10 The Great Pretender (5) Best song The Great Pretender Weakest song 

Avg. rating : 10/10 Freddie Mercury The Solo Collection (3) Best song   Weakest song 

Brian May

Avg. rating : 7.3/10 Star Fleet Project (8) Best song Starfleet Weakest songLet Me Out

Avg. rating : 8.8/10 Back To The Light (18) Best song Resurrection Weakest songI'm Scared

Avg. rating : 8.4/10 Live At The Brixton Academy (7) Best song Resurrection Weakest song 

Avg. rating : 8.8/10 Another World (18) Best song Business Weakest songOn My Way Up

Avg. rating : 8.6/10 Furia Soundtrack (7) Best song 'dream Of Thee' Weakest song 

Roger Taylor

Avg. rating : 8.9/10 Fun In Space (11) Best song Future Management Weakest songAirheads

Avg. rating : 8.5/10 Strange Frontier (11) Best song Beautiful Dreams Weakest songI Cry For You

Avg. rating : 8.6/10 Happiness? (9) Best song Foreign Sand Weakest song'you Had To Be There'

Avg. rating : 7.8/10 Electric Fire (5) Best song London Town C'mon Down Weakest songTonight

The Cross

Avg. rating : 7.8/10 Shove It (6) Best song Heaven For Everyone Weakest songRough Justice

Avg. rating : 9.1/10 Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know (7) Best song Old Men (lay Down) Weakest songOld Men (lay Down)

Avg. rating : 9.6/10 Blue Rock (5) Best song   Weakest songBaby It's Alright