Queen [CD]

[1973] Queen
[1974] Queen II
[1974] Sheer Heart Attack
[1975] A Night At The Opera
[1976] A Day At The Races
[1977] News Of The World
[1978] Jazz
[1979] Live Killers
[1980] The Game
[1980] Flash Gordon
[1981] Greatest Hits
[1982] Hot Space
[1984] The Works
[1986] A Kind Of Magic
[1986] Live Magic
[1989] The Miracle
[1989] Queen At The Beeb
[1991] Innuendo
[1991] Greatest Hits II
[1991] Classic Queen
[1992] Live At Wembley '86
[1995] Made In Heaven
[1997] Queen Rocks
[1999] Greatest Hits III
[2004] Live At The Bowl
[2007] Queen Rock Montreal

Queen+PR [DVD]

[2005] Return Of The Champions
[2008] The Cosmos Rocks

Queen [DVD-A]

[2002] A Night At The Opera
[2003] The Game

Queen [VHS]

[1981] Greatest Flix
[1982] Live In Japan
[1984] We Will Rock You
[1984] The Works EP
[1985] Live In Rio
[1987] Live In Budapest
[1987] Magic Years
[1989] Rare Live
[1989] The Miracle EP
[1990] Live At Wembley '86
[1991] Greatest Flix II
[1991] Box Of Flix
[1992] Live At Rainbow
[1995] Champions Of The World
[1996] The Films
[1998] Queen Rocks
[1999] Greatest Flix III

Queen [DVD]

[2002] We Will Rock You
[2002] Greatest Video Hits 1
[2003] The Films
[2003] Greatest Video Hits 2
[2003] Live At Wembley Stadium
[2004] Live At The Bowl
[2007] Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid

Queen+PR [DVD]

[2005] Return Of The Champions

Queen [HD]

[2007] Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid

Queen [BD]

[2007] Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid

Freddie Mercury [CD]

[1985] Mr.Bad Guy
[1988] Barcelona
[1992] The Freddie Mercury Album
[1992] The Great Pretender
[2000] The Freddie Mercury Box Set
[2000] Freddie Mercury Solo

Freddie Mercury [VHS]

[1986] The Video EP
[1989] The Barcelona EP
[1993] The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
[2000] Video Collection

Freddie Mercury [DVD]

[2000] Video Collection
[2002] The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

Brian May [CD]

[1983] Starfleet
[1991] Back To The Light
[1994] Live At The Brixton Academy
[1998] Another World
[2000] Furia Soundtrack

Brian May [VHS]

[1994] Live At The Brixton Academy

Roger Taylor [CD]

[1981] Fun In Space
[1984] Strange Frontier
[1994] Happiness?
[1998] Electric Fire
[2013] Fun On Earth

Roger Taylor [VHS]

[1998] Live At The Cyberbarn

The Cross

[1988] Shove It
[1990] Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know
[1991] Blue Rock

John Deacon [CD]

[1986] No Turning Back (singl)

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Discography: Queen Singles Collection 1

Compact Disc

Keep Yourself Alive (album version)
Son And Daughter (album version)
Cover: Portugal
Datum vydání: 1.12. 2008

The boxset features Queen's first 13 singles.

The release contains 28 tracks (20 album versions, 7 single versions and one non-album track).
Each single has its own card sleeve with artwork identical to various releases from all around the world (4 from UK, 2 from Portugal and one each from Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belbium, Spain and Hungary.).


Seven Seas Of Rhye (album version)
See What A Fool I've Been (original version)
Cover: Portugal


Killer Queen (album version)
Flick Of The Wrist (single version)
Cover: Belgium


Now I'm Here (album version)
Lily Of The Valley (single version)
Cover: Spain


Bohemian Rhapsody (album version)
I'm In Love With My Car (single version)
Cover: UK, the limited blue edition promo


You're My Best Friend (album version)
'39 (album version)
Cover: Germany


Somebody To Love (album version)
White Man (album version)
Cover: UK


Tie Your Mother Down (single version)
You And I (album version)
Cover: The Netherlands

CD9 - Queen's First EP

Good Old Fashioned Loverboy (album version)
Death On Two Legs (album version)
Tenement Funster (single version)
White Queen (single version)
Cover: UK


We Are The Chanpions (album version)
We Will Rock You (album version)
Cover: Japan


Spread Your Wings (album version)
Sheer Heart Attack (album version)
Cover: French


Bicycle Race (album version)
Fat Bottomed Girls (single version)
Cover: Hungary


Don't Stop Me Now (album version)
In Only Seven Days (album version)
Cover: UK