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[1988] Shove It
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[1986] No Turning Back (singl)

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Discography: Flash Gordon

Flash’s Theme (May)
Released: 8 Nov 1980 (UK) 27 Jan 1981 (USA)
Recorded: Townhouse, The Music Centre, Advision, Utopia and Anvil Studios
When: October - November 1980
Produced: Queen and Mack
Cover: Freddie Mercury
Highest charts position: 10 (UK) 23 (USA)
Weeks on charts: 15 (UK) 15 (USA)
Awards: Gold (UK)
* Extra tracks on Hollywood Records issue (June 1991)
In The Space Capsule (Taylor) 
(The Love Theme)
Ming’s Theme (Mercury) 
(In The Court of Ming The Merciless)
The Ring (Mercury) 
(Hypnotic Seduction of Dale)
Football Fight (Mercury)
In The Death Cell (Taylor) 
(Love Theme reprise)
Execution Of Flash (Deacon)
The Kiss (Mercury) 
(Aura Resurrects Flash)
Arboria (Mercury) 
(Planet Of The Hawkmen)
Escape From The Swamp (Taylor)
Flash To The Rescue (May)
Vultan’s Theme (Mercury) 
(Attack Of The Hawkmen)
Battle Theme (May)
The Wedding March (May)
Marriage Of Dale And Ming (May/Taylor) 
(and Flash Approaching)
Crash Dive On Mingo City (May)
Flash’s Theme Reprise (May) 
(Victory Celebrations)
The Hero (May)
Flash's Theme (remix 1991) *


Flash's Theme / Football Fight
Germany 7" EMI 1A 006-64205
Flash's Theme / Football Fight
USA 7" Elektra E-47092
Flash's Theme / Football Fight
Japan 7" Elektra P-655E