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Albums: Strange Frontier

Roger decided to make videos for some songs. His first video clip ever was for Man On Fire, but American MTV company decided to disallow broadcasting of the video, because there was a scene with burning house and a little girl being inside. There were no chance to decide if she has alive or not and that was the case.

Second video clip has been filmed for Strange Frontier in Los Angeles. He acted a car chase according to James Dean's 'Rebel Without A Cause' outbye, fatal for one of the racers.

Album contains two cover version (Racing In The Streets by Springsteen and Masters Of War by Bob Dylan)

Man On Fire
No. 1: It is Meatloaf mixed with Springsteen, abortive and chaotic song. It goes for nothing.
Sounds: He knows how to write songs, but he can't sing them as well as Freddie. And that is the mystery of Queen

Strange Frontier
Sounds: It is a song, which achieve itself and let Roger to show his rock voice.

Other versions:
Strange Frontier
Extended Version
Eight minutes of reworked original with extra percussion, mainly at the beginning.
Video Version
With the same extra effects at the beginning and at the end.

Man On Fire
Extended Version
With longer intro and heavies sound and percussion.

I Cry For You
On a b-side of the Strange Frontier single, not much different to the original. The remix is done by John Deacon.
Extended Version
Remix is from John Deacon, it is one of the b-sides of the Strange Frontier. With some interesting stereo effects and powerful sound.

My opinion:
Very dynamic and melodic album. Beautiful Dreams - the song I'd play again and again... Strange Frontier, Man On Fire and Springsteen's Racing In The Street sounds really good. On the other side, whole album sounds similarly (instruments, vocals).
It's An Illusion worth to hear at the end.