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Albums: Queen Rocks

It is the selection of the most rock songs, Queen ever recorded. 'No One But You' was originally planned for Brian's 'Another World' but it ended up on this compilation. He said that it could have been Queen song and so it already is.

Queen about the record:
"With Queen Rocks, we had this feeling that some of those early Queen albums had got a bit lost and we wanted to remind people that we were always a rock band. But it had to have the hits on, some of which I know were on the greatest hits record, otherwise it would have been obscure for the sake of it. Personally, I'd rather people just bought Queen II."
"We thought it would be nice to give people what  we never gave them, which is everything up. Like an album was normally very full of light and shade, all our albums were like that, you would find something very strong and then something very gentle on purpose you know so  that the album was very listenable I suppose. But we thought it would be just great to have an album that you can just bung in your car or whatever and it rocks the whole way."
"There were actually a lot of tracks available, I think probably twice as many tracks as we could get on the CD. So we were able to be very picky and I think when you can be choosy then you can make a good combination."

"The last album Made in Heaven was quite, quite slow, quite down, quite a lot of ballads, lot of slow songs and we thought it would be nice, if we did release a compilation, releasing the hard rock songs of Queen."
"This album represents a lot of the reasons why people liked us in the beginning."

Brian (about No One But You)
"We all knew that it shouldn't be something fancy, you know the song is not a fancy song where you have this big set, you know you are all heroic, its not that kind of thing. Its very simple and very direct and human. So the only way to do it is to base it around just playing, you know its called a Performance Video and within you have to tell the story and create atmosphere."

Brian (about the cover)
"Shall we be honest? It was done in pretty much of a hurry and the concept behind it is the crest exploding. I think we all felt that perhaps it wasn´t quite how we
imagined it would be, but time was very short, but it´s fabulous yes (laughter)"

My opinion:
'I Can't Live With You' sounds much better than the 'Innuendo' version. 'No One But You - touching piece is good, although there's no 'verse' of Red Special voice. Very interesting is vocal of Brian and Roger, but we could just think about vocal of Freddie here...