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Albums: Mr. Bad Guy

Freddie about the record:
I always wanted to try many things with Queen, but I couldn't. It's not about we couldn't make it our, but we hadn't time. This album gave me the chance to use live orchestra, which I wanted to do with Queen, but I couldn't, because Brian could play whole orchestra on his guitar.

About There Must Be More To Life Than This
Basically it's just a song about people, basically people who are lonely and people... It's basically another love song but it's hard to call it that because it doesn't... It encompasses... It's very generically, you know, and it's all to do with the fighting and basically it's a love and peace song. But I really don't like to write message songs but this the way this one just came out and it's very generically. It's all to do with why do people get themselves with so many problems. It's basically that, but I don't want to dwell on that too much. It's just one of those songs that I had for a while... nearly two years ago and Michael happened to hear it and he liked it and if it worked out we would have done it together, but now it's 85, it's my solo project and I wanted it on there so I did it without his help. He's going to cry.

About Living On My Own
Basically if you listen to 'Living on my own' that is very me, it's living on my own but having fun. There's a bit in the middle where I do my scat singing and I'm just going... When you think about somebody like me, I mean my life-style, I mean I have to sort of go around the world and live in hotels and that can be very lonely but then... I look upon it and I don't want people to say 'Oh...' you know, I just say that's my life, it can be a very lonely life, but I mean I chose it and so, that song, it's not dealing with people who are living on their own in sort of basement flats, or things like that. It's my living on my own, and they are going to say 'Oh my God, how can he live on his own ?' But I mean, you can have a whole... a shoal of people you know looking after you, but you can be still living on your own because in the end they all go away and you live, you know, you live in a hotel on your own. And so basically what I've got to say is that I'm living on my own but I'm not complaining. I'm just saying I'm living on my own and I'm having a bogey time. Does that make sense, honey ?

About My Love Is Dangerous
That something that I feel that maybe that's what my love is, you know. I haven't actually analyzed myself and said 'OK, my love is dangerous' I think after all these years I just feel I'm not a very good partner for anybody and I just think that's what my love is. I think my love is dangerous, who wants their love to be safe ? Can you image writing a song 'My love is safe' ? It would never sell.

Other versions:
Let's Turn It On
Extended Version
On British CD and as a b-side to Love Me Like There's No Tommorow 12". This 5:04 long version features many new instruments, also has different rhythm.

Made In Heaven
7" Remix
This 3:59 long mix is similar to the original with few differences
Extended Version
Only on 12".Different intro and outro, 4:45 long.

I Was Born To Love You
Extended Version
This 7 minutes long version has many stereo effects and new things.
Disconet Mix
US DJ-only release by Steven von Blau, it's only rearangement, music is the same
Demo Version
It is a short exact and features basic riffs and keyboards, very (very) fast piano track, Freddie singing a capella and full instrument song at the end (just a short clip).

Mr. Bad Guy
7" Edit
Only as a b-side to I Was Born To Love You from Argentina. It's original version ending very early at 3:15 shortly after vocals stops, so the instrumental outro has been cut out.

Living On My Own
Extended Version
Six and half minutes of Freddie. This version is totally reworked with many extra drums and bass.
Alternate Extended Version
On Brazilian 12" and US. It's not extended mix mentioned above, but another mix with heavy drums and rearanged vocals
Video Version
On The Freddie Mercury Video EP. Only 3:03 long.

Foolin' Around
"Teachers" Soundtrack Version
On Teachers soundtrack. Identical to the album version.

My Love Is Dangerous
Extended Version
As a b-side to the Living On My Own 12". Absolutely excellent work, sounds close to reggae, has slower rhythm with very heavy drums, 6:24 long reworked song is just superb.

Love Me Like There's No Tommorow
Extended Version
Only on 12". Different intro, rest of the song is similar to the original.

She Blows Hot And Cold
Original B-side
B-side to the Made In Heaven single. Easy lyrics, a bit funny song. Original release contains Freddies speech at the very beginning. It sounds something like "I guess we can't do it like that, we'll have to do it faster".
Re-issued Version
On In My Defence CD, with Freddie's speech cut out.
Extended Version
On Made In Heaven 12". It's 5:50 long edit rather than reworked song. Rhythm is crazy in some places, song itself features great pieces of guitar and piano.

Stop All The Fighting
Original B-side
B-side to I Was Born To Love You 7" and 12" single. Classical song from the album Mr. Bad Guy
Extended Version
On I Was Born To Love You 7" double-pack. This 6:25 long version has bold bass link and some extra instrumental parts.

My Opinion:
It's not similar to any Queen album, though I quite like it. Freddie is number one in writing ballads and love songs. Whole album comes with many interesting songs, I personally like some not well known ones as Man Made Paradise, My Love Is Dangerous, but also Made In Heaven and Mr. Bad Guy. Absolutely best song is There Must Be More To Life Than This - for great vocals and sound and especially for the lyrics.I Have to say, there are extended versions to most of songs from Mr. Bad Guy album and they all sounds even better than originals.