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Albums: Greatest Hits

'Greatest Flix' (videocassette) and 'Greatest Pix' (a photo book) were released in the same time with the album.
The photo book is work of Jacques Lowe (he has been working as a personal photograper of J.F.Kennedy), he got thousands of pictures, posters and slides of Queen and selected the best ones.
Compilation album features best 17 songs, and it's list is different in different countries. So there are a lot of variations of GH1.

Greatest Hits
Record Mirorr : Truly high class every way

My opinion:
This album is main one in Queen's discography.
It is a demonstration of all success, which they reached in ten years. It starts with superb 'Bohemian Rhapsody', followed by first hit 'Killer Queen' to the anthems like 'We Will Rock You' and 'We Are The Champions'.
Although there were released no new song with the album, it was standing no. 1 for 529 weeks in UK, and for a long time in other countries.