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Albums: Greatest Hits III

Seems to be the truly last album of Queen group, if there is no future release of sort of 'Secret things'.

Queen about the record:
"The choice of tracks on what is inevitably the last "Greatest Hits" package was always going to be controversial. I do believe, however, by including solo tracks from Freddie and Brian, which were all genuine hits, and some newer tracks or successful collaborations with the likes of Elton, Bowie, and George Michael, we have come up with a genuine album of real hits throughout. To this end, we have called the band Queen +."

"We have a strict rule: if it didn't make the Top 30, it doesn't get on a 'Greatest Hits' album."

Brian (about The Show Must Go On)
"'The Show Must Go On' is represented on this collection, am, which is a Queen song because we decided to credit everything to Queen after a while, but that's kind of ... I regard that as my baby, because most of that I wrote with Freddie sitting right here (indicates nearby chair) and, um, it was a great experience cause Freddie at that time wasn't really able to, or willing, to expose himself in terms of lyrics except at certain particular instances, and he knew about this idea. . .he knew that it related to the way we felt about him ...and I sang the guide vocal for Freddie, and most of it I had to sing falsetto cause I couldn't sing that high, and I was going to Fred, 'Is this okay'? 'Oh, no problem.' (Fred) downs a vodka and goes into the studio and just nails it ... and I think it's one of his finest vocal performances ever, the original version of 'The Show Must Go On'"

Brian (about Under Pressure (Rah Mix))
"We had the idea to remix 'Under Pressure', which is the song we did with David Bowie ... when we came to make the video, we had the opportunity to do something different, and you think 'well, what can we do here?' , and what it begs is to have something live, and we suddenly realized we have live tapes of 'Under Pressure' ... we have Freddie singing it at uh ... Wembley Stadium, one of the last times we ever did the song. We also had Bowie singing it at the tribute to Freddie ... one's in the darkness and one's in the light. But with modern video technology, digital stuff, you can do that stuff, so Freddie and Bowie are there next to each other, which is something which would have been great to see onstage, but you can only see it on this video..."

My opinion:
At first I must say, that graphic look of cover and booklet is excellent and printed packet must be in safe to keep it without of scratches.
The Show Must Go On turns on the mood of the whole CD. Rah mix sounds great, althought I think there's a lot of different songs, which was able to end on this album (and not just that known songs}
Thought it's Queen album, some solo project could be heard and they seems to fit correctly to this compilation.
Another One Bites The Dust, well, what have You done to us! I've heard first 40 seconds till I didn't switch the next song, disgust, disgust, disgust!!!!
At the end of the whole compilation there's a trio of excellent songs: No One But You, These Are The Days..., Thank God It's Christmas. I'm glad, that last mentioned song came to official album - how many people were able to buy Christmas single in 1985?