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Albums: Fun In Space

Monster showed on the cover has name Ernie. It has been taken from american comic series.

Roger about the record:
"That album was a bit of a rush job, actually. I thought I'd run out of nerve if I didn't move on it quickly. And I did it much too fast."
"I've written so many songs lately that it was impossible to put them all on Queen LP. A solo album was the only solution."
"For several reasons. First I spared long explanations about how I want the songs to be. The more, I wanted to prove that I am very versatile. In the end I don't want to spend my whole life behind the drums. There are enough other drummers who showed that solo albums are not only a thing of guitarists, singers and keyboarders"

Fun In Space
Record Mirror: It is similar music to the Flash Gordon, it has the same comic character. You will enjoy the listening, though You will not be playing the Space conqueror.
Melody Maker: He luxuriates in bombastic arrogance and You feel Queen in that. Both sides show egotism of rich man.

Future Management / Laugh Or Cry
Sounds: It is reggae style song, but quite good. Praiseful attempt to step out of the shadow.
NME: Roger plays off Rungren and plays all except 'human, don't be angry'. It is jerky regatta de blanc, which sweeps instead of falls back.

My Country
Melody Maker: Queen is not my favourite group, but there's no doubt about versatile talent of their drummer. It is worth album, but probably it will not be in top 40.

Other versions:
Future Management
Top Of The Pops (1981)
Live recording from the week it entered the charts. It is the only one live version of this track.

My Country
Single Edit Version
Second album single. It's edited version down from 7 minutes to 3:40.

My opinion:
I can't say there's any hit song on the album, but entire album works very fairly. Balladic Laugh Or Cry evokes right feeling, Future Management has genial instrumental side - very 3D, Let's Get Crazy is really crazy - true rockabily Roger. Magic Is Loose is worth to mention as well as Interlude In Constantinopole - this song is associated with Flash. And finally nice gently song Fun In Space.