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Albums: Electric Fire

Four years after 'Happiness?' release Roger came with new album named Electric Fire.

Roger about the record:
About Surrender
"Surrender is all about domestic Violence. And its er its really sung from the the woman's point of view, the sort of point of view of the sort of er I suppose the er battered wife or girlfriend you know really. Which is quite a sort of poinient point of view. And I suppose its quite depressing really!! But um its just? I think it's a subject which is hardly touched um and it is a subject which does affect a lot of people er in in the country and well all over the world. And its is a subject which is rrrarely talked about and is very hard to deal with."

Other versions:
Pressure On
Single Version
The instrumental parts between verses have been cutted out, the intro has been shortened too. Time is 3:25.

A Nation Of Haircuts
Club Cut
One of the B-sides to "Surrender". Bass and keyboards sound quite different, with all guitars left in. Time 3:45

Radio Mix
The vocals are slightly different. Time 3:40

People On Streets
With a more roomy sound, faster tempo and extra vocals (sampled) sounds very well with time of 3:33. One of the B-sides to "Pressure On".

Dub Sangria
Basically it is just an instrumental mix with most of the lead vocals edited out. B-side to "Pressure On". Time 3:49.

London Town - C'mon Down
Single Mix
B-side to "Surrender". Album version is quite long for single release, so this 3:23 long mix has a shorter intro and most of the outro cutted out.

My opinion:
Another interesting and precious album. But on the other site I must note thatn there is sort of homogeneity, which is not so good. Queen fans used to hear very various albums, and this is not the case. Roger used same instruments and vocal styles and many of the songs are in similar mood - but in very good mood. I like songs as Pressure On, The Whisperers, Working Class Hero, London Town - C'mon Down.... Great as a background music for Your parties!