Queen [CD]

[1973] Queen
[1974] Queen II
[1974] Sheer Heart Attack
[1975] A Night At The Opera
[1976] A Day At The Races
[1977] News Of The World
[1978] Jazz
[1979] Live Killers
[1980] The Game
[1980] Flash Gordon
[1981] Greatest Hits
[1982] Hot Space
[1984] The Works
[1986] A Kind Of Magic
[1986] Live Magic
[1989] The Miracle
[1989] Queen At The Beeb
[1991] Innuendo
[1991] Greatest Hits II
[1991] Classic Queen
[1992] Live At Wembley '86
[1995] Made In Heaven
[1997] Queen Rocks
[1999] Greatest Hits III
[2004] Live At The Bowl
[2007] Queen Rock Montreal
[2008] Singles Collection 1
[2009] Singles Collection 2
[2009] Absolute Greatest
[2010] Singles Collection 3
[2010] Singles Collection 4
[2011] Deep Cuts Volume 1

Queen+PR [CD]

[2005] Return Of The Champions
[2008] The Cosmos Rocks

Queen [DVD-A]

[2002] A Night At The Opera
[2003] The Game

Queen [VHS]

[1981] Greatest Flix
[1982] Live In Japan
[1984] We Will Rock You
[1984] The Works EP
[1985] Live In Rio
[1987] Live In Budapest
[1987] Magic Years
[1989] Rare Live
[1989] The Miracle EP
[1990] Live At Wembley '86
[1991] Greatest Flix II
[1991] Box Of Flix
[1992] Live At Rainbow
[1995] Champions Of The World
[1996] The Films
[1998] Queen Rocks
[1999] Greatest Flix III

Queen [DVD]

[2002] We Will Rock You
[2002] Greatest Video Hits 1
[2003] The Films
[2003] Greatest Video Hits 2
[2003] Live At Wembley Stadium
[2004] Live At The Bowl
[2007] Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid

Queen+PR [DVD]

[2005] Return Of The Champions

Queen [HD-DVD]

[2007] Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid

Queen [Blu Ray]

[2007] Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid

Freddie Mercury [CD]

[1985] Mr.Bad Guy
[1988] Barcelona
[1992] The Freddie Mercury Album
[1992] The Great Pretender
[2000] The Freddie Mercury Box Set
[2000] Freddie Mercury Solo

Freddie Mercury [VHS]

[1986] The Video EP
[1989] The Barcelona EP
[1993] The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
[2000] Video Collection

Freddie Mercury [DVD]

[2000] Video Collection
[2002] The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert

Brian May [CD]

[1983] Starfleet
[1991] Back To The Light
[1994] Live At The Brixton Academy
[1998] Another World
[2000] Furia Soundtrack

Brian May [VHS]

[1994] Live At The Brixton Academy

Roger Taylor [CD]

[1981] Fun In Space
[1984] Strange Frontier
[1994] Happiness?
[1998] Electric Fire
[2013] Fun On Earth

Roger Taylor [VHS]

[1998] Live At The Cyberbarn

The Cross

[1988] Shove It
[1990] Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know
[1991] Blue Rock

John Deacon [CD]

[1986] No Turning Back (singl)

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Diskografie: Absolute Greatest

We Will Rock You (May)
Datum vydání: 16.11. 2009 (EU)
Obálka: Richard Gray a Queen
Nejvyšší umístění: 3 (UK)
Ocenění: 2x platinová (UK)

Kompilace obsahuje 20 nejznámějších hitů z celé kariéry skupiny. K dispozici je několik formátů:
- CD
- 2 CD s audio komentářem od Briana a Rogera
- 52stránková kniha s 2 CD
- digitální download
- LP deska.

We Are The Champions (Mercury)
Radio Ga Ga (Taylor)
Another One Bites The Dust (Deacon)
I Want It All (single version) (Queen)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury)
A Kind Of Magic (Taylor)
Under Pressure (Queen + Bowie)
One Vision (single version) (Queen)
You're My Best Friend (Deacon)
Dont' Stop Me Now (Mercury)
Killer Queen (Mercury)
These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Queen)
Who Wants To Live Forever (May)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mercury)
Heaven For Everyone (single version) (Taylor)
Somebody To Love (Mercury)
I Want To Break Free (single version) (Deacon)
The Show Must Go On (Queen)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury)