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Navigace: Queen - Královská legenda - Rozhovory: Brian May: Španělské radio '98

Rozhovory: Brian May: Španělské radio '98

Interview with Brian on Spanish radio

Cesar Madarro & Javier Sanchez from Spain

DJ.- You will be on tour. But now, without Cozy, the Brian May band is like... a bit destroyed but not only because is not Cozy, but mentally. You need to solve it to being on tour...

Brian: Yeah, exactly. I'm taking it very slowly at the moment, you know, I still hope to be in Spain to play in September, but we have some big mountains to climb. You can't just put a drummer in place of Cozy's. 'Cause it's impossible he was like the central...spirit of the band that I took on tour and it will never be the same. It can only be something different and we have to work very hard at that and I expect to be here in September, yeah

DJ.- OK, that's great. Let's hurray for him!!! Could you tell us something about Roger and John??

Brian: Yeah! Roger is working very hard, he's like me, he loves to work and he's making an album at this moment which I think it's about finished. John... completely not, John is with the family, he has six children, 'seis ni?os' (spoken in spanish), and that's what he does, he does stuff with his family. And, for now, he doesn't want to get involved in the musical world.

DJ.- It's been told that you were in Tenerife as a student

Brian: Yeah, I was doing the astronomy in the University of La Laguna. And the observatory is in the middle of Tenerife, it's a beautiful place and also El Hierro it's so beautiful, it's like heaven, the closest to heaven. But I was not disciplined enough while everybody else were doing the calculation, but I was there looking at the stars and thinking: 'Wow'. I was the wrong kind of brain, really

DJ.- Someone wants to know why the name of 'Red Special' for her?

Brian: Oooooh well! She's like a kind of person to me, she's like an extension of me... I don´t know... We took at completely to pieces, recently, which it's a little scary for me.Everything it's being restored because, you know, it was 30 years on the road, the guitar has more damage that I had, you know... and I had a lot. She's gonna be like new.

DJ.- Now you've been in El Hierro, you've been in Tenerife, what are your memories from Spain?

Brian: Oooh!! so many things, so many things... hummm something happened to me, because I was not in Tenerife as a holiday maker, I was there working and somehow I felt there like at home. It was a very important time of development for me. It stay with me forever and everytime I come to Spain I feel that contact... maybe there's something in my genes, I don't know [laughs] But I love it, I love the people, the atmosphere, the food, the wine and... just the whole thing

DJ.- I'd like to say that the Web Page is probably very very much visited by everybody, it's the quality... everything, now is... it's quite time seems. I see you haven't come alone...

Brian: Oh yeah, my son is here and this is a big time for me, this is my son Jimmy

DJ.- Hi [laughs] you are playing guitar too?

Brian: Yes, he did yesterday, in the TV show

DJ.- Yesterday, in the TV show called 'MUSICA SI', Jimmy did his first performance for TV. An historical event. Well Brian, our time is over, thank you very much for your attendance

Brian: Thank you very much

'On My Way Up' was played