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Navigace: Queen - Královská legenda - Rozhovory: Brian May: BBC Radio 1, Radio 2 '98

Rozhovory: Brian May: BBC Radio 1, Radio 2 '98

Electric Circus (UK, BBC2 Friday/BBC1 Saturday 9/10 Jan 98)

Brian May's interview with Toby Anstis.

TA: Over a 20 year period Queen broke every record in the book. 47 chart hits, 24 top tens, million selling albums and an enormous fan base. Six years after the untimely death of their flamboyant lead singer Freddie Mercury, the band have now released a compilation album, reminding everyone that QUEEN ROCKS.

Clips of "We Will Rock You", "I Want It All" and "Headlong".

TA: Yeah. Now like me you were probably singing along there, but nestled amongst those well loved favourites on the album is a brand new Queen tune, just recorded by the other three. But, how can you have a Queen track without Freddie?

BM: It just kind of happened, 'cause I wrote the track for my solo album which I'm working on at the moment and erm, it just happened that, erm, Roger and John really liked it and kind of felt that it aught to be a Queen track - and it was about Freddie really so it, it sort of begged the question.

Clip of "No One But You", and video (approx 30 seconds)

TA: What do you says then to fans that say Queen isn't Queen without Freddie?

BM: Well it isn't, it probably isn't. You know, and I know we have this track out there - its kind of a one-off and its almost an accident, erm,at the moment I don't see that we can be Queen without Freddie.

TA: Do you have plans to record any more tracks as Queen?

BM: At the moment no, no, erm, it's always very tempting because everybody wants you to, you know, you know that there's the audience out there and if somehow you could be Queen again, properly, everyone would be very happy, you know, including us I'm sure... but it isn't that easy

(Brian talks about what kind of music he likes, including Radiohead and All Saints.)