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Rozhovory: Brian May: BBC Radio 1 '97

BBC1 "Rhythm Of Life", 28th December 1997

Brian May with George Martin.

(Video clip from WWRY - Live Aid)

B.M.- Rythmically what everyone will remember me for is "Boom, Boom, Click. Boom, Boom, Click." which is "We Will Rock You", and everybody thinks "Oh what a great drumbeat", but there were of course no drums on that. It was just people stamping and clapping, and it was in my head because I thought this is what people could do in an audience. They could do that, and they could particpate and be with us.

G.M. - But also it fused the performer and the audience,

B.M. - Absolutely.

G.M. - Into one unit,

B.M. - Absolutely.

G.M. - So that you all became...

B.M. - Yeah.

G.M. - One community.

B.M. - Yeah, great feeling. And of course at a rock concert you don't have two sides, you know. At a football match you have a great sort of community feeling, but you're against another community. But at a rock concert everybody is one, and it can be the most incredibly uplifting experience. Some people abused us for it, you know. Some people thought "What are they doing?". We were accused of, you know, Naziism, or some thing, you know.

GM - (laughs)

BM - But all I can say is we were conscious of the power that we had, and it was only used to create this kind of sense of togetherness.

(Clip of WWRY - Live Aid)