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Tours:Sheer Heart Attack

Killer Queen saved the group. They all were at bottom then and no major hit had come. Killer Queen reached the top just before they went on the tour and it was the biggest stimulation they could even get.

Rehearsals took place in Ealing's storehouse, tenabled by Roger's friend from Smile era Pete Edmunds.

The tour itself began in Palace Theatre in Manchester. They used new light installation and added pyrotechnic effects, it was something new then.
Though the new album was released on 8th of November, they had played new songs right from the beginning: Now I'm Here, Flick of the Wrist, In The Lap Of The Gods, Killer Queen, Bring Back That Leroy Brown, Stone Cold Crazy, In The Lap Of The Gods (Revisited) and God Save The Queen

10/30 Palace Theater, Manchester
    Flick Of The Wrist and Now I'm Here were new songs in the repertory. Second one they played in different ways from the version released few days later on the album. This version was less structured and performed in many variations.
10/31 Victoria Hall, Hanley
11/1 Empire Theatre, Liverpool
    Fans bounced onto the stage during the opening tape section and the safety curtain-fall had to be released. Organisator calmed the crowd and the show restarted.
11/2 University, Leeds
    At the beginning there was the same situation as in Liverpool, and was also resolved. During the show Roger's monitor failed and he tried to give the singal to his assistant, but with no reply. He had to play the rest of the show without hearing what he played or sang. After the show, Roger was irritated by something and he injured himself in tantrum. The result was seriously bruised foot and his trip to Leeds infirmary.
11/3 Theatre, Coventry
11/5 City Hall, Sheffield
11/6 St Georges Hall, Bradford
11/7 City Hall, Newcastle
11/8 Apollo Theatre, Glasgow
    Before the end of the show Freddie was dragged into the audience and back by the security men. Later he mentioned it was casual affair, but the experience showed him to be more careful. The attendance was record for this venue.
11/9 University, Lancaster
11/10 Guildhall, Preston
11/12 Colston Hall, Bristol
11/13 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
11/14 Gaumont, Southampton
11/15 Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
11/16 Town Hall, Birmingham
11/18 New Theatre, Oxford
11/19 Rainbow Theatre, London
    Queen were originally scheduled to play only one show at this venue, but the ticked were sold within two days and promoter Mel Bush had to add another show.
11/20 Rainbow Theatre, London
    Both performances were recorded for later album release, but the group denied this idea. The second gig was also filmed.

The closing moment of the British part of the tour took place in Holiday Inn, where Queen were awarded with copper plaquette for the tour with all venues completely sold out.

Queen played their first proper European tour with ten shows in six countries during two and half weeks. It would have been longer, but the truck transporting their equipment had an accident and some of the Scandinavian shows were cancelled.
11/23 Gothenburg, Sweden
11/25 Helsingin Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland
12/1 140 Theatre, Brussels, Belgium
12/2 Munich, Germany
    On the way to Frankfurt the driver didn't calculate the right height of his truck and stuck under a bridge. The show was to be cancelled but Edwin Shirley, owner of a road transport company contrived another transport with success. Shirley's company provided all further Queen transports.
12/4 Frankfurt, Germany
12/5 Hamburg, Germany
12/6 Cologne, Germany
12/7 Singen, Germany
12/8 Congres Gebouw, The Hague, Holland
12/10 Spain, Palacio De Los Deportes, Barcelona
    It was the first Queen's gig in this country and 6 thousands of tickets were sold within one day.

Setlist (Europe and UK):
Procession, Now I'm Here, Ogre Battle, Father To Son, White Queen, Flick Of The Wrist,
Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods/Killer Queen/The March Of The Black Queen/Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Son & Daughter, Keep Yourself Alive, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Stone Cold Crazy, Liar, In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
Big Spender, Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
Second encores:
Jailhouse Rock, God Save The Queen

Queen flew away to the USA for their first independent American tour. They wanted to use new light effects and new acoustic installation. They spent first seven days with rehearsals in New York's Beacon Theatre.
All concerts were sold out along, so they added some extra shows. They often played two shows in one day. The support bands were Kansas and Mahofany Rush. Some of the shows featured Styx instead of Kansas.

2/5 Agora, Columbus, USA
2/7 Palace Theatre, Dayton, USA
2/8 Music Hall, Cleveland, USA
2/8 Music Hall, Cleveland, USA
2/9 Morris Civic Auditorium, South Bend, USA
2/10 Ford Auditorium, Detroit, USA
2/11 Student Union Auditorium, Toledo, USA
2/14 Palace Theatre, Waterbury, USA
2/15 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, USA
2/15 Orpheum Theatre, Boston, USA
2/16 Avery Fisher Hall, New York, USA
2/16 Avery Fisher Hall, New York, USA
   After the second show Freddie was asked for an interview with Lisa Robinson for Circus Magazine. Among the many other things she asked him about whose idea it was to perform Big Spender. Freddie replyed: "Oh (he laughs) it was my idea entirely.  I like that approach to entertainment.  I like that cabaretish sort of thing.  I adore Liza Minelli, I think she's a wow.  It does appeal to me, the thought of doing more lavish stage type things, but somehow I would like to combine it with the group, not divorce from it.  That's a difficult thing because you've got to approach the others with it and convince them that it's going to work.."
2/17 War Memorial, Trenton, USA
2/19 Lewiston, USA
2/21 Capitol Theatre, Passaic, USA
2/22 Farm Arena, Harrisburg, USA
2/23 Erlinger Theatre, Philadelphia, USA
2/23 Erlinger Theatre, Philadelphia, USA
    After this show Freddie wasn't able to even speak and is taken to see a throat specialist at the Philadelphia University Hospital. The specialist's diagnose was presumable two suspected throat nodes and the recommendation for Freddie meant stop singing and speaking for three months. His initial reaction was "The band will kill me." Forthcoming shows scheduled for Pittsburg, Kutztown, Buffallo, Kitchener and Davenport were cancelled.
2/24 Kennedy Centre, Washington, USA
    Despite of all voice problems, this gig was one of their most successful, moreover Freddie mised the soundcheck. Dave Thomas (Trident) said: "They went on stage and did the most amazing gig that I have ever seen them do in my life.  It was an amazing show because they seemed to have so much energy, and to our astonishment, there was Freddie hitting all the high notes again". Later Freddie seeked another specialists and the right diagnose was severe swelling. He had to rest his voice. Everybody laied off, because it would have meant stop of the tour and surgery. This diagnose was confirmed by another New York's specialist once again.

3/5 Mary E Sawyer Auditorium, La Crosse, USA
    Freddie had to save his voice so he eliminated all vocal improvisations and banter between songs, even for few forthcoming shows. Some concerts were cancelled to create more space between each gigs and  let regenerate Freddie's voice.
3/6 Madison, USA
3/7 Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee, USA
3/8 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, USA
3/9 Keil Auditorium, St Louis, USA
3/10 Coliseum, Fort Wayne, USA
3/12 Municipal Auditorium, Atlanta, USA
3/13 Civic Auditorium, Charlestown, USA
3/15 Marina, Miami, USA
3/18 St Bernard Civic Auditorium, New Orleans, USA
3/20 Municipal Hall, San Antonio, USA
3/23 McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas, USA
3/25 Municipal Theatre, Tulsa, USA
3/29 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA
3/29 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA
    During the show John's trousers disparted. Freddie spotted it and chaffed him till he could shove himself and re-dress.
3/30 Winterland, San Francisco, USA
4/2 Kindmens Fieldhouse, Edmonton, Canada
    First Queen's show in Canada. The support band Kansas joined Queen during the encore.
4/3 Calgary, Canada
4/6  Seattle, Canada

Last planned concert for 7th of April in Portland was cancelled due to problems with Trident company. The group had more and more problems with the company at home in Britain. Before they flew away to Japan, they had turned away for holiday to Havai.

Setlist (USA):
Procession, Now I'm Here, Ogre Battle, Father To Son, White Queen, Flick Of The Wrist,
Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods/Killer Queen/The March Of The Black Queen/Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Son & Daughter, Guitar Solo, Keep Yourself Alive, Drum Solo, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Stone Cold Crazy, Liar, In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
Big Spender, Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
Second encores:
Jailhouse Rock (reprise), God Save The Queen
Be Bop A Lula, Stupid Cupid

Queen arrived 18th of April 1975 in Tokio airport and more than 3000 people gathered to welcome them. Music Life magazine awarded Queen with special admission for high album sell rates and high popularity. First concert took place in Budokan Martial Arts Hall in Tokio.

4/19 Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
    This show was attended by 10 000 people and the hall was filled to the top. Sumo wrestlers were employed to keep overzealous fans off the stage. When Queen appeared, the situation started to be dangerous. Part of the crowd started to move from one side to another and the wave moved people more than 3 meters from side to side. Freddie halted  the concert and appealed for calm. The show continued without bigger problem. Whole show was filmed by Japan TV.
4/22 Aichi Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan
4/23 Nokusai Taikan, Kobe, Japan
4/25 Kyuden Taiikukan, Fukuoka, Japan
4/28 Taiikukan, Okayama, Japan
4/29 Yamaha Tsumagoi Hall, Shizuoka, Japan
    When Brian started his guitar solo in spotlight and the rest of the band went off, Roger had a little accident. He wanted to sit on a box, but he overhanged the back of the stage. The box disappeared off the edge of the stage and took Roger with it. He heavily landed on his back, but he continued the show with no injures. The audience didn't spot anything.
4/30 Bunkan Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japan
5/1 Tokyo, Budokan, Japan
    The second gig in the Budokan hall. Queen decided to end the tour in great style and came back onstage after the encore in traditional Japanese kimonos.

Setlist (Japan):
Procession, Now I'm Here, Ogre Battle, Father To Son, White Queen, Flick Of The Wrist, Hangman, Great King Rat
Medley: In The Lap Of The Gods/Killer Queen/The March Of The Black Queen/Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Son & Daughter, Doing All Right, Stone Cold Crazy, Keep Yourself Alive, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Liar, In The Lap Of The Gods... Revisited
Big Spender, Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
Second encore:
Jailhouse Rock, See What A Fool I've Been, God Save The Queen

In their own words:
Brian: "When we first came to Los Angeles - and had sold out few venues in small towns - I went to Led Zeppelin show to the Forum. I thought my God, If we had a chance to play here, my dreams would came true!"
Brian (in Japan): "It was great, all that small Japan people staying there and screaming on us. We were shocked and we felt we were in another world, but it was great!"
Roger (in Japan): "I went into a shop to buy a tape recorder and suddenly the shop keeper stared at me.  'Ah so - you Queen' and proceeded to drag a camera from underneath the counter.  He just kept taking pictures all the time, for about ten minutes.  I couldn't get another word out of him."
Freddie: "We're just hoping to have a whale of time. We are going to have to put across all three albums. The repertoire will be built around them. But the main thing is to put across the energy of the band and hopefully the versatility. I'd hate to just do hard rock all the time, dear. It should be good because we've got better lights, better everything."