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Once a group called Mott The Hoople was planning big British tour. Jack Nelson persuaded Bob Hirschmann (manager of Mott) to take Queen along. Bob was not sure about that, but later he agreed. The First tour of Queen started in autumn of 1973.

Before the tour they had firmed up some shows in England and in Europe. They had played these songs:
Procession, Father To Son , Son & Daughter, Ogre Battle , Hangman, Stone Cold Crazy, Keep Yourself Alive, Liar, See What A Fool I've Been, Jailhouse Rock/Shake Rattle And Roll/Stupid Cupid/Bama Lama Bama Loo/Jailhouse Rock (reprise), Big Spender

9/13 played in Golders Green Hippodrome (radio Luxembourg recorded and later broadcasted whole gig). The show started with a pre-recorded passage of  Procession just recorded for the second album
10/13 went to Germany, Frankfurt and played in Bad Godesburg (it was their first concert outside the England)
10/14 played in Le Blow Up, Luxembourg (Radio Luxembourg wanted to record the show but the recording equipment failed). In these days the showed themselves in French and Holland TVs.
10/20 played in London's Paris Theatre (this gig was recorded by BBC Radio One and later broadcasted as In Concert Special.)
10/26 played in Imperial College
11/2 played their general rehearsal for forthcoming tour in Imperial College. The show was booked out and after the concert many reviews came out. Queen were very proud of especially one of them.
"Queen's loyal subjects
'Sold out' said the sign on the door. Amazing, that an unknown (almost) group like Queen should sell out a gig at Imperial College. But having seen them now, I understand why.
Six months ago, when I las saw the band, they showed promise but weren't very together. This time they were very good. Their leader Freddie Mercury pranced about the small stage, waving his mike both violently and sensually as they performed numbers from their first album: most notable of which were their single Keep Yourself Alive and Son And Doughter.
The atmosphere in the hall was electric. The kids were with Queen all the way, showing a remarkable knowledge of the band's repertoire and greeting each number uproariously.
The group were musically very good, their stage presence was excellent and when you consider that the material was all their own, it was a remarkable performance for a new group. The material was far above average, and it was obvious how hard the band worked at enertaining by the tremendous rapport that was established.
At the end if the set, after a couple standard rock'n' rollers to provide a fighting climax, the audience wouldn't let Queen go. They were forced on stage to do three encores until they finally had to stop - no from lack of demand, but sheer exhaustion. The funniest moment was undoubtely the first encore - Freddie's Big Spencer was done a la Shirley Bassey, and thus was outrageously camp.
On the whole it was a very good night, and a highly creditable performance, if Queen are this good on the tour with Mott the Hoople (which they start next week) Mott had better watch out, Queen could turn out to be a bit more than just a support band.
Rosemary Horide"

The tour begun on 12th of November, in the day of their first ever concert in tour. They appeared in Leeds Town Hall.
11/12 Town Hall, Leeds
11/13 St. Georges Hall, Blackbum
11/15 Gaumont, Worcester
11/16 Lancaster University
11/17 Liverpool Stadium
11/18 Victoria Hall, Hanley
11/19 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
11/20 New Theatre, Oxford
11/21 Guidhall, Preston
11/22 City Hall, Newcastle
11/23 Apollo, Glasgow
11/25 Caley Cinema, Edinburgh
11/26 Opera House, Manchester
11/27 Town Hall, Birmingham
11/28 Brangwyn Hall, Bristol
11/29 Colston Hall, Bristol
11/30 Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
12/1 Kursaal, Southend
    Freddie, Brian and Roger joined Mott to sing backing vocals on All The Young Doods, their biggest hit..
12/2 Central Hall, Chatham
12/6 Cheltenham College (without Mott The Hoople)
12/7 Shaftesbury Hall, London (without Mott The Hoople)
12/8 Liverpool Univesity  (without Mott The Hoople)
12/14 Hammersmith Odeon, London (played two shows in one day)
    Brian's parents visited this gig and saw him with Queen for the first time. Ruth May remebers: "It was strange. It was so great place, we saw him in smal courts before. We were possibly the oldest there. We got on and some guy asked whose parents we were. We said whose parents we are and asked us for autographs. It was beautiful concert."
They played for more than 7000 of people, it was their biggest audience ever to date.
12/15 Leicester University
12/21 Connty Hall, Taunton
12/22 Town Hall, Peterborough
    Last gig of the tour Queen I.

12/28 played the last concert of this year in Top Rank, Liverpool (without Mott The Hoople). It was a Christmas special and Queen played together with Great Day group. In Great Day Freddie met his old mates from Ibex.

Setlist of the tour:
Procession, Father To Son, Son & Daughter
Ogre Battle, Hangman, Great King Rat , Stone Cold Crazy, Keep Yourself Alive, Liar
Jailhouse Rock/Shake Rattle And Roll/Stupid Cupid/Bama Lama Bama Loo/Jailhouse Rock (reprise)
2nd encore:
Big Spender/Bama Lama Bama Loo or Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
Sometimes played:
Doing All Right
See What A Fool I've Been

Mott were very satisfied with Queen, Brian said: "Great friendship grew up between us. We learnt much from the Mott, specially the outfit and organization - and it was awful fun!" Bob Hirschmann made an offer to Queen for a next tour with Mott - to the USA, everybody acclaimed.

In their own Words:
Brian: "Our stage performance was much more rock'n'roll oriented shows than album itself. There are particular mark, which You can't cross, if You're playing for people, who don't know who You are. So we used to play quite hard rock'n'roll with clear idea to catch them along and start and go along with the music. If You're going to play before peopl, who don't know Your songs, they'll be bored with Your attentively prepared material. So we used to play Bo Diddley's I'm A Mum, Elvis Presley's Jaullhouse Rock and Shout Mama Lama by Little Richard. Give them great entertainment, but never drop out the essence of Your own music."