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Tours:Queen II

Queen scheduled two concerts in Australia for the end of 1974 and Queen had to endure vaccination. After vaccination Brian got fever and his hand got puffed. In the incision point the mortification appeared and he was exposure to loss his arm in the time.
The gig  took place at the Sunbury Music Festival in Melbourne(Saturday, 2nd February 1974).
The people were annoyed that an unknown British band was allowed to headline such an event instead of a local band(Australians were known for their hostility towards anything British in those days).The local roadies couldn't understand why Queen brought their own crew and there are even reports that they sabotaged Queen's equipment.
The D.J. announced the band with words like this: "Well,we've got another load of limey bastards tonight.They're probably going to be useless,but let's give them something to think about!"
Then he showed his bare backside to the audience. The gig really turned out to be a desaster,with Brian's arm hurting,Freddie's ear-infection and a collapsing lighting rig(sabotage?).However,the band somehow managed to rescue themselves and they even were asked back for an encore(!).
The D.J.,however,was having different plans. "Arr c'mon! D'yer want more of these pommie bastards or d'yer want an Aussie band?" he asked the audience.
After this humiliating experience and due to the health problems of Brian and Freddie,the band flew home.

2/2 played the gig and despite of Brian couldn't even play due to hand-ache and Freddie didn't hear himself, according to fans it was successful concert

After Queen II tour rehearsal sessions in Ealing Film Studios Queen begun their own tour. They played far longer series than usually and Roger showed up his drum-ship in solo which were implemented in Keep Yourself Alive. The support band was Nutz, who joined the group on the third show.
3/1 Winter Gardens, Blackpool
    On the way to the gig, the vehicle transporting the band's lighting rig broke down few miles from the venue. The show was in danger, but finally was only delayed.
3/2 Friars, Aylesbury
    This gig was shortened due to Brian's problems with his arm.
3/3 Guildhall, Plymouth
    Nutz joined as a support band the Queen.
3/4 Festival Hall, Paignton
    Hence this concert Queen played new representation of Son And Doughter, more likewise to the studio version with many new parts.
3/8 Locarno, Sunderland
3/9 Corn Exchange, Cambridge
3/10 Greyhound, Croydon
3/12 Roundhouse, Dagenham
3/14 Town Hall, Cheltenham
    After the show the light engineers left the group. Trident called immediately in their own light engineer James Dean.
3/15. Glasgow University
    The lights totally failed, when overloaded the grid and scrammed the fuses after has been connected.
3/16 Stirling Univeristy
    The audience refused to let the band leave and after the third encore the situation escalated in riot. The police were called and the band locked itself in the small kitchen. Two fans and policemen were injured. Next show planned in Birmingam was cancelled and moved to the end of the tour.
3/19 Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes
3/20 Manchester University
    During the concert, somebody broke into their car and stole John's suitcase with personal items and rare photographs taken in Australia.
3/22 Civic Centre, Canvey
3/23 Links Pavilion, Cromer
3/24 Woods Leisure Centre, Colchester
3/26 Palace Lido, Douglas, Isle Of Man
    Palace Lido is on island named Man, few settled and Queen hadn't waited something special, but it was one of the best gig at all. After-show party ended uncontrolled with demolished room.
3/28 Abeystwyth University
    It was a ball on which Queen played. Audience was bored by the Nutz, but later in the night came Queen and took everyone on their side. Since this show Queen have had success with every concerts.
3/29. Winter Gardens, Penzance
3/30 Century Ballroom, Taunton
3/31 Rainbow Theatre, London
    It sould have been the final concert of the tour. The band quarrelled itself before the show. Brian said to finical Freddie he is overdresser and he took offence and went to car. Brian had to call him back with microphone. Sound engineer John Harris was experimentalizing with hall-sound to get much better acoustic. He used two mixes, one under the roof and second one on the floor. Roger filled his drums by beer to obtain interesting effect but with no sound change.
4/2 Barbarellas, Birmingham
    Actually last gig of the European part of the tour. Roger bet one bottle of Champaign with the group's crew and Nutz that nobody will run across the stage totally naked. It was no problem for the crew, but Roger later didn't appear on the separate Nutz gig to pay his debts...

The press was still mistrustful, all but one - Rosemary Horide, who positive evaluated the evening in Rainbow:
"What a night! It was a finale of the big Queen tour throughout the whole country... it was conclusive evening for their reputation. Their lift was meteorical, so many people had challenged if Queen have the authority to play in such as prestigious place as Rainbow. Freddie appeared in his new specially eccentric white "eagle's" costume with bouncing and miming with even bigger ecstasy than ever and sang even better than any  time before... One couldn't believe it's the first time of Queen appearing themselves in so important place. After a while they got used to take advantage of big stage. After two encores they left the stage during big applause of the audience."

Setlist of the tour (Europe):
Procession, Father To Son, Ogre Battle, White Queen, Great King Rat, Hangman, Doing All Right, Son & Daughter, Keep Yourself Alive, Liar
Jailhouse Rock/Shake Rattle And Roll/Stupid Cupid/Jailhouse Rock (reprise)
Second encore:
Big Spender/Modern Times Rock'n'Roll
Bonus songs:
Seven Seas Of Rhye

After very successful tour they couldn't live to see the journey to America, where they'd fly with Mott The Hopple as a support band.

First concert of Queen in USA took place in Denver at the Regis College.
4/16 Reigs College, Denver, Colorado
4/17 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas
4/18 Keil Auditeorium, St. Louis, Missouri
4/19 Fairgrounds Appliance Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
4/20 Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee
4/21 St. Bernard Civic, New Orleans, Lousiana
    Brian complained he was in pain, but no causes were found, the true problems were known later in 12th of May.
4/26 Orpheum Theater, Boston, Massachusetts
4/27. Palace Theater, Providence, Rhode Island
4/28. Exposition Hall, Portland, Oregon
5/1 Farm Arena, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    Queen and Mott should have play together with an American group called Aerosmith. It wasn't decided who will be playing first, whether Queen or Aerosmith. They started to divine. Brian left the place with being sick of the whole and went to backstage. He met Aerosmith's guitarist Jo Perry who had the same feeling and pulled a bottle of Whisky. Brian remembers: "When we got on the stage, I can dustly remember I played first chord and since that point I've been deaf by the echoes and chaos in my head. I played the whole concert just mentally and I tried to compensate it by bringing a bit of life into it. Everybody liked it! And I decided that in future: 1) I'll bring a bit of life into it, 2) before the show I'll pull most one glass. And I strictly abided that."
5/2 Agricultural Hall, Allentown, Pennsylvania
5/3 Kings College, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
5/4 Palace Theatre, Waterbury, Connecticut
5/7 Uris Theatre, New York City, New York
5/8 Uris Theatre, New York City, New York
5/9 Uris Theatre, New York City, New York
5/10 Uris Theatre, New York City, New York
5/11 Uris Theatre, New York City, New York
5/12 Uris Theatre, New York City, New York
    It was the first time when any rock concert has been performed in this theatre. Organiser calmed owner of the theatre and all six evening were sold out. After the long lasting problems fell sick and relaxed before the last gig in Boston. This show was canceled as well as all others in USA. Brian got hepatitis due to vaccination for the Australian journey. Mott continued touring and Queen were replaced by Canadian group called Kansas.

Setlist of the tour (USA):
Procession, Father To Son, Ogre Battle, White Queen, Hangman, Doing All Right, Son & Daughter, Keep Yourself Alive, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Liar
Jailhouse Rock/Shake Rattle And Roll/Stupid Cupid/Jailhouse Rock (reprise)
Second encore:
Big Spender/Modern Times Rock'n'Roll

In their own words:
Freddie: "We played a theatre in New York with Mott and this particular chick (well, they notice everything down to the pimple on your arse, dear) wrote that she noticed that when I did a costume change I changed even my shoes and socks. She also added she was so close she could tell what religion I was, and that I wasn't wearing any knickers. She also pointed out that Ian Hunter had knickers on. Ian's going to die..."
Freddie: "Brian has got to look after himself in future. We all want to make sure something like that never happens again. So he'll have to eat the right things and steer clear of hamburgers."