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Misc: Questions to Roger

In 1994 Gary Taylor (president of the Freddie Mercury Friendship Group) had a list of questions for Roger to answer. His answers were printed in the fanzine F.M.F.G. Here they are.

Full name:

How are you enjoying touring again?
I like it.

Which is your favourite Queen song?
Too many - too hard to answer 1.

Which do you think are the best songs you have written, both for Queen and solo performances?
Days of our lives, Happiness, Final Destination? (maybe!)

Which is your favourite John Deacon song from the Queen Catalogue?
I Want To Break Free

Which is your favourite Brian May song from the Queen Catalogue?
We Will Rock You

Which is your favourite Freddie Mercury song from the Queen Catalogue?
too many - too hard to pick just 1

How do you think people should remember Freddie?
With love + a joyous smile.

Please could you share one of your memories of Freddie with us?
One long laugh (with a bit of gossip in the middle).

Which is your favourite Queen video?
Break Free.

Which is your favourite Queen album and why?
Shear Heart Attack, Queen II, Opera or Innuendo? Dunno!

Which Queen tour do you think was the best?
The best - in '86 tho 84 was good.

Which was the worst gig that you have ever played?
Canvey Island circa '73. (actually it was 22 March 1974, F.B.)

Do you have any plans for a UK or European tour?
Yes - maybe.

What is your favourite song on the "Happiness?" album?
Happiness - Loneliness.

What do you think of your last two solo albums?
Not bad - poor bits + good bits.

What is your favourite Cross song?
Top of the World Ma!

Do you think you will ever reform The Cross?

Apart from Queen and The Cross, who have you enjoyed working with musically over the years?
David Bowie - Elton John - Magnum.

Who are your favourite musicians and groups?
Hendrix - Lennon - Dylan. Then some others.

Is there anybody you would especially like to work with?
Dylan - its possible(you never know)

If you could change anything musically from the past twenty years, what would it be?
I would eradicate anything written about music - its supposed to be listened to.

Are there any plans or ambitions which you would still like to fulfill?
I want to be happy.

Thanks Roger for answering our questions.
S'ok. Gazza.