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Misc: J. Grandville

Jean-Ignace-Isidore GĂ©rard was born in Nancy, France in 1803 and adopted his Grandparents name of Grandville.
As an illustrator he created a legacy of imaginative and fantastic drawings which have been very influential on many cartoonists and illustrators. Two of his finest works come from the books 'Un Autre Monde' and 'Les Animaux'. Queen's innuendo album (and the majority of subsequent single releases) used illustrations by Grandville which were adapted and coloured. It's rumoured that it was Roger's idea to use the illustrations.

The first picture 'Juggler of Universes' is very known to Queen fans from the cover of the Inneundo album.
Notice that the in the original, the meteorite is in the form of the Cross of Legion of Honour whereas this has been changed to a banana on Queen's artwork.