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Queen Rock Montreal (2)

Avg. rating : 5/10

Best song Weakest song
Voted 1xDragon Attack Voted 1xJailhouse Rock
Voted 1xDrum And Tympani Solo Voted 1xThe Hero

18.02.2016 05:14Sami-TheCross [108.212.154.x]
Live albums are just not my fancy... but I did get to see the concert on t.v

Rating : 3/10 Best song Drum And Tympani Solo Weakest songThe Hero

26.07.2009 10:15Bobplaysthedrums [58.111.196.x]
great performance by the band (as always). not so great by the audience.

Rating : 7/10 Best song Dragon Attack Weakest songJailhouse Rock