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Fun In Space (10)

Avg. rating : 8.8/10

Best song Weakest song
Voted 3xFuture ManagementBest song Voted 4xAirheadsWeakest song
Voted 2xFun In Space Voted 1xLaugh Or Cry
Voted 1xNo Violins Voted 1xMy Country I & Ii
Voted 1xAirheads Voted 1xInterlude In Constantinople
Voted 1xLet's Get Crazy
Voted 1xMy Country I & Ii

18.02.2016 05:24Sami-TheCross [108.212.154.x]
roger solo is the best

Rating : 10/10 Best song Future Management Weakest songInterlude In Constantinople

25.09.2006 20:34Sarah
Very good album, the first five tracks in particular are fantastic. Ever since my first listen I've been playing this one non-stop!

Rating : 9/10 Best song Future Management Weakest songAirheads

23.01.2006 19:03Carlitos
puto amo

Rating : 8/10 Best song Future Management  

07.08.2004 09:02Johnny
Rrrrrrrroger Taylor is Rrrrrrrroger Taylor!!!

Rating : 9/10 Best song Fun In Space  

20.05.2004 07:02James Dean
really fun album to listen to

Rating : 9/10 Best song My Country I & Ii Weakest songAirheads

24.04.2004 08:11Allen
love this record

Rating : 8/10 Best song Airheads Weakest songMy Country I & Ii

23.05.2003 00:07Mr Bad Guy
Great, great, great. All tracks are fun, if you don't like it, 'sod you'!

Rating : 10/10 Best song Let's Get Crazy Weakest songLaugh Or Cry

05.12.2002 18:36Francisco
Incredible roger's imagination makes it all posible

Rating : 9/10 Best song Fun In Space Weakest songAirheads

26.11.2002 22:03Ju
okay it is fun-tastic but not fantastic :)

Rating : 7/10 Best song No Violins Weakest songAirheads

08.03.2002 17:59Claire
Fantastic albums, with some great songs!

Rating : 9/10