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United Kingdom

    Name or nick Surname Age City E-mail www Com.
1 Dave Bain 38 Aberdeen e-mail   QUEEN ROCKS
2 Abbie Battrick 33 Brighton e-mail   queen rock! r.i.p freddie
3 Kerry Jayne Dennis 34 Derbyshire e-mail   Hello

I am an avid Queen fan, I have been a fan for about 5 years now and still going strong!


4 Cat Hill 32 Falkirk e-mail Queen are truly the best band that has ever lived, i just wish i could have all of their music. my favorite song has to be dont stop me now, that was a great song. most of the music today is just plain rubbish and all they are intrested in is money.
5 Keith Brown 51 Glasgow e-mail   great site, mega info, long live freddie
6 Kryo   42 Hull e-mail    
7 Ian Wootton 52 Leeds e-mail    
8 Ramastonis   38 Leicester e-mail Love Queen, play guitar
9 Scott   33 Leicester e-mail    
10 Phil Wheale 33 Liverpool e-mail   Queen are without doubt the best band to grace the Earth!
11 Woody Wood 30 Park Farm, Ashford e-mail    
12 Magicvision   51 Portsmouth e-mail  
13 Murray Johnstone 36 Portsmouth e-mail    

Avg. age:38.7
Nr. of fans:13
Nr. of male:11, (84.6%)
Nr. of female:2, (15.4%)