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    Name or nick Surname Age City E-mail www Com.
1 Ми&#10 Со&#10 35 Ekaterinburg e-mail   And no one else could warm my heart as much as you
2 Hmur Tuk 33 Kaliningrad e-mail   Very funny Hmur!
3 Alyona Plaksina 39 Khabarovsk e-mail Queen lovers! Write me!
4 Katrin May 36 Moscow e-mail  
5 Dmitri Simakov 34 Nab. Chelny e-mail   God bless all the Queenfans!
6 Mursik   32 Perm e-mail  
7 Artem Bratsev 38 Saint-petersburg e-mail    

Avg. age:35.3
Nr. of fans:7
Nr. of male:3, (42.9%)
Nr. of female:4, (57.1%)