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    Name or nick Surname Age City E-mail www Com.
1 Daniela   33 Alba e-mail    
2 Nico Bellisario 33 Altino e-mail   Hello evrybody!!!!!!!
I'm a queen fan since I was three years old and I'll be forever!
3 Nymph Lily 31 Mantova e-mail    
4 Fairyfabio Milo 31 Milano e-mail    
5 Angie   37 Milano e-mail    
6 Claudio Tassone 42 Napoli e-mail The greatest fan ever!
7 Irene Feliciana 31 Palermo e-mail    
8 Nicoletta   34 Palermo e-mail   Freddie,you were,you are and you will be the best singer in the world,for ever.I love you
9 Alberto Orlandini The Man On The Prowl 36 Prato Sesia (borgomanero) e-mail    
10 Pikkolo Luca   36 Reana (Udine) e-mail  
11 Ely   35 Venice e-mail   ;-)
12 Alessandro Recchia 41 Verona e-mail this site is...a kind of magic!

Avg. age:35
Nr. of fans:12
Nr. of male:6, (50%)
Nr. of female:6, (50%)