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    Name or nick Surname Age City E-mail www Com.
1 Santiago Gomez 33 Buenos Aires e-mail   Aguante queen!!!!
2 Gato   35 Buenos Aires e-mail  
3 Brian May Rocks   30 Buenos Aires e-mail   I love this site. It has almost all the things I look for, but some tabs are missing, I guess it's not up to you. Just keep yourself alive, great site
4 Santiago MeiriƄo 35 Buenos Aires e-mail    
5 Little_love Moni-k 39 Buenos Aires e-mail    
6 Napiqueen Noguero 35 Buenos Aires e-mail   colecciono todo de queen y solistas.
busco rarezas
7 Freddie17 Freddie17 31 Devoto, Capital Federal e-mail  
8 Kilrathi   35 Mar Del Plata e-mail    

Avg. age:34.1
Nr. of fans:8
Nr. of male:7, (87.5%)
Nr. of female:1, (12.5%)