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Facts: The Works

Is This The World We Created?

writting: Freddie wrote the lyrics, Brian wrote the chords. <true>

Freddie (1984): "We were looking at all the songs we had and we just thought the one thing we didn't have was one of those little thing type, the Love Of My Life type of things. One of us said "ok I'm gonna go back and do it... go back and think about it", but Brian... I just said Brian "why don't we just think of something right here?", and that song just evolved in about two days, he just got on acoustic and I just sat next to him, we just worked it together. I came up with the lyrical side and then he came up with the chords, and something just happened and it's the first time that... we never had ... see if I actually thought before this that Brian and I should sit down and write a song together, I don't think it would happen, because then all kinds of egos ... and who does what... this way we didn't have to think about it, we just sort of went in there, and it seemed to work, it was sort of quite strong, it worked very well as a tail end of the album. I wouldn't like to said I wrote all the lyrics, Brian helped, but I remember most of the lyrics of that song are mine, Brian probably did help with a line here and there."


Keep Passing The Open Windows

writting: Freddie wrote it for the film 'Hotel New Hampshire'. <true>

Freddie (1984): "When I write a song, I have in the head what the others can do and it's used as reference. But sometimes I do it knowing that it'll be difficult for everyone. It's my challenge. For example, I had written Keep Passing The Open Windows for the film Hotel New Hampshire but it was finally refused so I had to change it completely so it could be adapted to 'The Works'."


Radio Ga Ga

writting: Roger wrote it in keyboards. <true>

Roger (1984): "I'm a much better guitarist than I am a keyboard player, but now I find melodically it's much easier to write on keyboard. Radio Ga Ga was a completely keyboard-written song. I defy anyone to write that on the guitar because you wouldn't find the chords, they wouldn't come naturally to any guitar player I know."

writting: Freddie took the whole song over and arranged it. <true>

Freddie (1984): "I just instantly felt that there was something... there was going to be something in there. You know. You could build that into a really good, strong, salable commodity. And I think Roger was just thinking about it as just another track. And I just said no, I think it needs... so I virtually took it over. And I sent him on a ... he went on a holiday skiing for about a week, and came back and... um... but it's basically his song, he had the ideas all together, I just felt that there was some construction elements and that they were wrong, just talked with him and he said "ok, you do what you want". "