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Facts: Made In Heaven

It's A Beautiful Day

writting: It's written by Freddie. <true>

David Richards (2001): "It's Freddie's."


My Life Has Been Saved

writting: It was written by Brian. <false>

David Richards (2001): "The song is very definitely from John Deacon. I helped him record the demo and the keyboards. Freddie loved it and sang on it!"


No One But You

recording: Brian played piano. <true>

Brian (1997): "It's a kind of nod to Freddie's style though, because Freddie did have a very individual way of playing, like nobody else, and I was conscious that I was doing a little bit of a Freddie on there, I think. I wrote the song about Freddie. It also kind of is about a lot of other people as well... Most of it was written when we unveiled the statue to him, which stands at the end of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland. But little bits of inspiration came at other times too."