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Facts: Jazz

Dead On Time

recording: The thunderbolts come from a storm in Montreux. <false>

Brian (1982): "The explosions at the end are a real thunderstorm which occurred when we were in the south of France. We put a tape recorder outside."


Don't Stop Me Now

recording: Freddie played Steinway piano. <true>

Peter Hince (2001): "His (Freddie's) stage piano was a Steinway D concert grand. This was also used on some recordings including Don't Stop Me Now."



writting: Brian played Hairfred acoustic guitar. <true>

Brian (1982): "I have a very old, cheap Hairfred which makes that buzzy sound that's on Jealousy and White Queen. I've never seen another one like it. I made it sound like a sitar by taking off the original bridge and putting a hardwood bridge on. I chiseled away at it until it was flat and stuck little piece of fretwire material underneath. The strings just very gently lay on the fretwire, and it makes that sitar-like sound."