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Facts: Innuendo

All God's People

writting: Written by Freddie. <true>

Brian (1991): "I love it too. I had less to do with that than I did with most at the stuff on the album. That was originally something Freddie was going to do on a solo album, and gradually we all played on it. I went in and played guitar and it seemed to work very well. John went in and played bass, Roger put the drums in, so it became a Queen track. I love it. Not many people have spoken to me about it, but I think it's great. It's got a lot of depth to it."



writting: It's written by Freddie. <true>

Jim Hutton (1994): "On a flying visit to Montreaux in 1990, Freddie and I stayed at the Montreaux Palace Hotel with Joe and Barbara Valentin. It was on that trip that he wrote his song Delilah, dedicated to his favourite cat. I got up at seven in the morning and went into the sitting room where Freddie and Barbara were still wide awake and going strong. "Oh, it's that time already", he said. "Jim, I've written a new song. It's about my Delilah." He did sleep for a few hours that morning but, when he got up, he would spend his whole time tweaking his Delilah lyrics and trying out different lines on me."


Don't Try So Hard

writting: John Deacon wrote it. <false>

David Richards (2001): "Freddie and Brian. The lyrics was written by Freddie."



writting: Brian wrote it <true>

Brian (1991): "Headlong came from me, at our studio in Montreux, a home recording studio for us that's very state-of-the-art, lovely for creating. The ideas came in a couple of days. At first I thought about it as a song for my solo album but, as always, the band is the best vehicle. As soon as I heard Freddie sing it, I said, 'That's it!' Sometimes it's painful to give the baby away, but what you gain is much more. It became a Queen song."


I Can't Live With You

writting: Brian May wrote it. <true>

Brian: "I was in the studio for a couple of days to get some things out of my system. I thought that maybe I'd be left with a solo album, maybe with a Queen album, I just didn't know and I came up with Headlong and I Can't Live With You - the guys liked them"
David Richards (2001): "It's Brian's. The keyboard sequence was programmed by me."

recording: Brian played keyboards. <true>

Brian (2003): "We began using synthesisers and there were many excursions from us all into keyboard territory. My main contributions on principal parts were (in no particular order) in Scandal, Was It All Worth it, Hang On In There, Too Much Love will Kill You (which was done with Frank Musker up in his house in the Canyon in L.A. when we first sketched the song), No-One But You (again done on my own, originally for use on my solo album), One Vision (my first ramblings on a Kurzweil gave rise to the opening section), I Can't Live With You, The Show Must Go On (that sequence just got thrust into my head playing around with Roger - I will never know where it came from, but it completely took me over for a long time while the song was in development). And of course Who Wants to Live Forever."


I'm Going Slightly Mad

writting: Freddie wrote it. <true>

Brian (1994): "That was very much a Freddie track and you tend to want to give the author his head. Even though we said that everything is by Queen, there was still somebody who was basically the original author and everyone else worked on it. It was a good idea as it produced a lot of input, but in the end it was Freddie's baby so it was natural that he would want to get certain things right."

Roger (2002): "There were some songs that were written by one person but credited to all of us. I think I’m Going Slightly Mad was by Fred."

David Richards (2001): "It's Freddie's."

Jim Hutton (1994): "When Freddie penned the song I'm Going Slightly Mad it was after another through-the-night session with Peter Straker. Freddie explained he had the phrase "I'm going slightly mad" on his brain and told Peter what sort of thing he wanted to say in the song. The inspiration for it was the master of camp one-liners Noel Coward. Freddie set about with Peter trying to come up with a succession of goofy lyrics, each funnier than the last. He screamed when they came up with things like "I'm knitting with only one needle" and "I'm driving only three wheels these days". But the master stroke was "I think I'm a banana tree". Once that came out there was no stopping Freddie and Straker - they were then in full flow. I went to bed to fall asleep listening to their laughter wafting upstairs."


Ride The Wild Wind

writting: Roger wrote it. <true>

David Richards (2001): "It's Roger."


The Hitman

writting: It's written by Brian. <false>

Brian (1991): "Hitman's finished version had very little to do with the original idea. Most of the riff came from Freddie. I wasn't even in the room when they wrote it. I changed the key and some of the notes to make it playable on the guitar. We finished the backing track, but it seemed to ramble. John sat down and decided to reconstruct the track. He changed the order. He changed everything. I went back and played on that. Then we filled in the gaps on the lyrics, did the harmonies and generally tidied up."


These Are The Days Of Our Lives

writting: Roger wrote it. <true>

Roger was asked in 1994 about his favourite song that he wrote for Queen, Cross and solo projects, he answered "Days Of Our Lives, Happiness, Final Destination". David Richards and Brian also have confirmed it's Roger's.