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Facts: A Day At The Races

Long Away

recording: Brian played a Rickenbacker. <false>

Brian (1998): "Long Away is a Burns 12-string. I couldn't play Rickenbackers because the necks are too thin. I like a very fat and wide neck. My fingers only work in that situation. I always wanted to play a Rickenbacker - because John Lennon did. Roger collects extremely fucking rare guitars, and he has a Rickenbacker. But I can't play it. So, normally, I've used the Red Special for everything. The only other exception is Crazy Little Thing Called Love, where they forced me to use an ancient Telecaster that was lying around Musicland in Munich."


 Teo Torriate

recording: Brian played piano. <true>

Brian (2003): "For the record, as far as I remember I played piano on Doin' All Right, Father To Son, Now I'm Here, Dear Friends, Teo Torriate and All Dead All Dead."


You Take My Breath Away

recording: Freddie did all the vocal harmonies. <true>

Freddie (1976): "This one I did myself, I multi tracked myself. So the others weren't used on this for the voices. I played piano and basically, I don't know how we managed to stay this simple you know, with all our overdubs and things. People seem to think that we're over complexed, and it's not true. It depends on the individual track really, if it needs it - we do it. So this is pretty sparse actually by Queen and our standards. The harmonies are nice, I'm very pleased with them."