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Biography: Roger Taylor

Full Name: Roger Meddows Taylor
Born: 26 July 1949
Place: Kings Lynn, Norfolk
School: Truro School
College: London Hosptial Medical School (Denistry, 1 year), Imperial College, London
Degree: Biology
Pre-Queen Bands: The Reaction, Smile

He was born as Roger Meddowes Taylor on 26th of July 1949 in Norfolk. Roger's family wasn't too musically oriented. He started to attend primary school in Cronwal. When he was eight he heard his cousin playing guitar and decided he want to do it too. He learnt basic chords on ukulele and was heartily founded his first band. They rehearsed in garage, in fact, no one within the band was able to play any instrument seriously – it was very short-term thing.
When he was 11 he entered the church school Truro Cathedral, where he had to sing in church choir, involuntary due to scholarship. He earned some money and bought base acoustic guitar and started to learn to play it. But he was still more and more interested in drums. By the time he gradually got sort of drum set consist of various drums and tympana.
In 1963 he founded a band named Cousin Jacks with his friends. Roger played the guitar in the beginning, but later he changed the position behind the drums. After one year, Cousin Jacks disbanded.

Roger wanted to live in London (as the starting point for musicians), he decided to go study there, but with no idea what subject. His parents were in divorcing process that time, so for him it was very hard period. His mother pushed him into job or study.
In 1965 Roger joined local band Johnny Quale And The Reaction. They played on music-contest and quickly got into people's mind. When lead singer left the group, Roger was the only one who could have (or have to) taken his part, play the drums and sing together. Now the band was named shortly The Reaction and was on the regular list of performers in PJ's club in Turo.

Roger finished school and continued in London's Hospital Medical School in 1967. A year later The Reaction disbanded, due to Roger's stay in London, he was the only lead power of the band. He wanted to set up another band in London. Roger took notice of advertisement of certain Brian May and contacted him. Brian and Tim Staffell were enthusiastic and accepted him...