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Albums: Made In Heaven

The only reason 'Made In Heaven' was released is that Freddie wanted it.

He wanted to make music untill the last minute, untill he'd be able to sing. It's incredible that his voice was developing as his health was falling away. The recording itself took them four weeks. Most of the time they spent on voice recordings, because Freddie needed time to relax and get into power again. He also wanted to pe as perfect as possible.

'Too Much Love Will Kill You' was originally planned for the album 'The Miracle', but later was omitted, because of some problems with co-authors Musker/Lamers. (Freddie also said: "It is good, but not good enough.")

Queen about the record:
"For two years we didn't want to face up to the question whether we were able to take it on. It was something too emotional for us... for two years we ran away from the project, until we finally decided to do it in 1993. We had to take a complete and total break to get ready for the work. Still now it is a delicate project."

"Right up until the end Freddie asked me for lyrics and music that he could work on, and he was adamant that this material should be released. After he died, my way of dealing with it was to go out on tour. But Roger and John became very impatient with me and started working on the tapes. I didn't want this stuff to go out without my involvement, so I took the tapes off them, felt that they'd done it wrong and spent months putting it all back together. Doing Made In Heaven was like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. But I wouldn't have put my seal of approval on it if I hadn't thought it was up to standard."
"We did not talk to much about what we were doing there. The album is something like a simulation of what we would have done if Freddie, Roger John and me would have been together. And it was very difficult and the more a long time project. We definitely wanted to finish the material so that people can hear it."

Other versions:
It's A Beautiful Day
Original B-side
B-side of the 'Heaven For Everyone' single, on 7" and on UK 'Part One CD' single. This song is different to the all versions from the 'Made In Heaven' album. Practically it is song made from both versions.

Let Me Live
Original Version
This 4:45 long version is original one of this song. It was surfaced on very first US promo cassette. The chorus bore a strong similarity to "Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart', and consequently the song was withdrawn for 'alteration'. The original lyrics still seem to be printed on the album sleeve though.

Heaven For Everyone
Single Version
Released on the CD single and jukebox 7", and in US it's known as edit. A 4:46 long version is without any noticeable changes.

Too Much Love Will Kill You
Radio Edit
On the promo CD single, a 3:52 long edit, which has cutted start of the second verse.

Rock In Rio Blues
Original B-side
B-side of the 'A Winter's Tale' single. A live bluesy instrumental, similar to the 'Impromptu' from Wembley '86.
US Version
It has been also released in the US as B-side of the 'Too Much Love Will Kill You'. This version has proper fade in and fade out with crowd noises.

You Don't Fool Me
There have been 'made' many mixes, and other terrible low points, almost without exception. So here's just short list of them
Edit Version One
Edit Version Two
Late Mix
By David Richards. A 10:34 long mix is most listenable of all the remixes. Features nice rhythms, starts with Live Aid sample, and has good guitar and Roger's vocal at the end.
BS Project Remix - Edit
BS Project Remix
Dub Dance Single Mix
Freddy's Club Dub
Freddy's Revenge Dub
Queen For A Day Mix
Queen Forever Megamix
Dancing Divaz Club Mix
Dancing Divaz Instrumental Club Mix
Dancing Divaz Rhythm Mix
Sexy Club Mix
Sexy Club Mix (Mis-pressed Edit)

My opinion:
Who expected it? Freddie sings in every song! This great album approves, that Queen ended the career on the top. Songs like 'Made In Heaven' and 'I Was Born To Love You', which were taken from Freddie's solo album, sound brilliantly under the Queen mark. This album is true valediction of Freddie with fans and friends. It's true, that many songs Freddie sang during 'The Miracle' session, but they needed some final touches. But he worked till the end on songs like 'Let Me Live', 'Mother Love', 'A Winter's Tale' - this is last one he wrote.