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Albums: Live Killers

In the beeped-out part of the 'Death On Two Legs' Freddie says "This is dedicated to a real mother f***** of a gentleman".

Queen about the records:
Brian: "Live albums are inescapable, really - everyone tells you you have to do them, and when you do, you find that they're very often not of mass appeal, and in the absence of a fluke condition you sell your live album to the converted, the people who already know your stuff and come to the concerts. So if you add up the number of people who've seen you over the last few years, that's very roughly the number who'll buy your live album unless you have a hit single on it, which we didn't."
'That's a harmonizer thing (on 'Get Down, Make Love') which I've used really as a noise more than a musical thing. It's controllable because I had a special little pedal made for it, which means I can change the interval at which the harmonizer comes back, and it's fed back on itself so it makes all swooping noises. It's just an exercise in using that together with noises from Freddie - a sort of erotic interlude."
"I’ve never been completely satisfied. I’ll be a nonconformist forever. I think Live killers was a kind of evidence of what we were doing live late in the seventies. In some way, I’m unsatisfied. We had to work hard in every concert and there were serious sound problems. There were concerts that we had sounded great but then when we listened to the tapes they sounded awful. We recorded ten or fifteen shows, but we could only use three or four of them to work on. Anyway, live albums never sound good because there are noises and shouts that affect it. As it shows, Live Killers isn’t my favorite album…"

Live Killers
Sounds : I don't think, I must have a sight, as it's customary, when the Queen group is on the table. It's very apposite retrospective of their best songs.
Record Mirror : Bring roses and champagne, it's triumph. It highlights songs of the Queen and it's not just filling the time before the next studio release. Listen to it, and You wont be disappointed.

Love Of My Life (Live)
Melody Maker : Once 'Love Of My Life' was nice ballad, when it has been released on 'A Night At The Opera' album. Today it sounds as football scream-song

Crazy Little Thing Called Love / We Will Rock You (Live)
Record Mirror : It's a good work. Absolutely different to the other singles of this group. Refined, bland, atractive and vocal of Freddie suits eelskin.

My opinion:
I love this album, really. It captures brilliant atmosphere from the 16 concerts and Queen in full strenght. Big plus belong to the live versions of ''39', 'Bicycle Race', 'You're My Best Friend', 'Dreamer's Ball...