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It was Roger again, who came with sleeve picture idea and with name for the new album. On the Berlin wall, he saw a whirl of concentric circles and Jazz sign, and thought it should be good for new album, everybody agreed.
A poster with naked bicycle-girls from well known 'nasty' race. Specially in USA it was hardly striked, it was considered as pornoghrapy and canceled. Everybody has chance to order the poster with added form.

Queen about the record:
"We thought it would be nice to try again with a producer (Roy Thomas Baker) on whom we could put some of the responsibility. We'd found a few of our own methods, and so had he, and on top of what we'd collectively learned before, we thought that coming back together would mean that there would be some new stuff going on, and it worked pretty well.
It was just a bit of fun really - we thought the two songs 'Fat Bottomed Girls' and 'Bicycle Race') went together, and the album was sort of European flavoured. We'd never recorded in Europe, and we absorbed some of the feeling."

Brian (about Bicycle Race a Fat Bottomed Girls)
"We lost some of our audience with that. 'How could you do it? It doesn't go with your spiritual side'. But my answer is that the physical side is just as much a part of a person as the spiritual or intellectual side. It's fun. I'll make no apologies. All music skirts around sex, sometimes very directly. Ours doesn't. In our music, sex is either implied or referred to semi jokingly, but it's always there."

Brian (about Dead On Time)
"The explosions at the end are a real thunderstorm which  occured when we were in the south of France."

Brian (about Leaving Home Ain't Easy)
"The Lady's part? It's me, - we slowed down the tape to record it so it comes out speeded up (I think Wheetus just did the same thing on Dirtbag!)"

Fat Bottomed Girls / Bicycle Race
NME : Queen defy the press. If this is prelude to the forthcoming album, then it deserve even worse criticism, than they recieved till today.
Sounds : Fat Bottomed Girls starts as convention in harlem bishopric church and then overgrows into hard rock, in which they're so good.

NME : If You have deaf relatives, You would buy this low-class replica of Gilbert and Sullivan as a Christmas present.
Sounds : I'd like to care for Queen in the same way, as in the beginning of seventies, but it's imposible.

Don't Stop Me Now
Record Mirror : But all the same objections, Freddie has got the best voice among the rock singers and Queen group cope with harmonies. Aren't they owner of EMI company yet?
Daily Mirror: Queen group has came with interesting song, which will be the hit one day.

Other versions:
Fat Bottomed Girls
Hollywood Remix 1991
Similar to the original, just slightly changed drums and ends with different words.
Single Edit
On 7", but also on Greatest Hits compilation, it's a bit more punicher and 50 sec. shorter than LP version. All instrumental were slightly edited.
Video Version
Shortest version (3:03).

Bicycle Race
Hollywood Remix 1991
5. minutes long dance mix destoryed the song originality.
Columbia Only 12" Mix
On Columbian 12", after playing the first two minutes of the normal vesion up to the bell ringing section, starts up again from the begining.

My opinion:
What a superb album!
We all know songs like 'Bicycle Race' or 'Fat Bottomed Girls', but for me, the real jewel is 'Jealousy', 'Dead On Time' with really fast guitar, Brian's 'Leaving Home Ain't Easy' as well as 'Let Me Entertain You'.