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Albums: Happiness?

The song Dear Mr. Murdoch was prompted originally by "a full page photo shot with a tele-photo lens that they published of Freddie when he was very ill, when he was trying desperately to lead some type of private life" Roger said. "I thought it was a gross intrusion on my friends privacy. I felt outraged the was his house was surrounded by these vultures when he was basically trying to die in peace."

Roger about the record:
"I hope that it's a good title. I think that it's in harmony with the simple truths that I've tried to find. I really wanted to write a very personal album."
"There are a lot of optimistic sides, some other more tense atmospheres; in fact lots of different feelings. The album is like that too because I'm maturing! "
"I've effectively played a bit of guitar on the album, but mainly rhythm, because Jason, my main guitarist is literally amazing and brilliant. Also, I have let him evolve in his way on the record. He has an excellent touch. My principal objective was to concentrate to the maximum on my voice, because it is, in my opinion the best means I have to give out to the best the feeling of my compositions."
About Nazis 1994
"You want to talk about "Nazis" eh?! I believe that it is a real problem that must be put in light, especially for the young. It is one of the main dangers that exist in today's society and particularly in Europe of all places. I wanted to write something simple and direct which gives the main idea, one which repeats throughout the whole song. In my opinion the repetition fixes firmly the idea in people's heads. This sentence that continually comes back is "They say that it never happened". To think that of the holocaust is purely and simply outrageous. How can they be stupid enough to think that? The general atmosphere of "Nazis" is cold and without feeling. That's at least what I wanted to create. The only emotions that we can set against these people are the strongest emotions. That's all there is which can stand against them."

Other versions:
Nazis 1994
Single Mix
Not different to the album version.
Radio Mix
Longer for about one minute, not different at all.
Kick Mix
An attemp at a dance mix by the same people that did Living On My Own mix.
Makita Mix - Extended
An attemp at a def-metal version with aggressive guitar and extra drums, which makes it really heavy.
Schindler's Mix - Extended
Podobné mixu Makita, obsahuje pár útøžkù z Hitlerovy øeèi.
Big Science Mix
Wirh many extra synths and samples.
Original Album Verison
Original album version contains the F-word, it was too bold for release so it has been changed to 'stinking'.

Foreign Sand
Single Version
Edited down from seven minutes to 4:28.
Live Version with Yoshiki
Broadcasted by BBC 2 from the World Musc Festival, featuring Roger and Yoshiki performing this song.

Final Destination
With Yoshiki
B-side of the Foregin Sand single and on Japan release. It's longer (5:27) and different to the album version - the instruments were changed as well as the tempo.

My opinion:
Possibly the best Roger's album ever. Strong motives, strong music. It remids Radio Ga Ga era. Truly jewels are Nazis 1994, Relevations, Foregin Sand, Freedom Train with superb drums, Everybody Hurts Sometime - better in live performance, Dear Mr. Murdoch - another invective lyrics, and beautiful Old Friends dedicated to Freddie. All this above produces right Happiness.