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Albums: Flash Gordon

This album was sort of music touch for the group, because they wanted to be succesful even without Freddie's vocal. They've made it and 'Flash' is their very good instrumental masterpiece.
It hasn't been common to use rock music in the movies. Flash's director Mike Hodgers says: "Queen had the big sense of humour and incommutable sound, which we needed for our Flash Gordon movie. The group liked the picture and working for the movie allowed to realise all their dreams."
Making of the album took three months. When they saw the movie for the first time, they went to write the music. Hodgers says: "It was enormous fun, with no conflicts all the time. Actually, they all was supporting, as they could."
Brian recorded some bits at the same time as the "Flash Gordon" which was later used and finnished under the name The Dark (Back To The Light solo album).

Queen about the record:
"We'd been offered a few soundtracks, but most of them were where the film is written around music, and that's been done to death - it's the cliche of a 'movie star appears in movie about movie star' but this one (Flash Gordon) was different in that it was a proper film and had a real story that wasn't based around music, and we would be writing a film score in the way anyone writes a film score - we were writing to a discipline for the first time ever."
"We saw 20 minutes of the finished film and thought it was very good and over the top... We wanted to do something that was a real soundtrack. It's a first in many ways, because a rock group hasn't done this type of thing before, or else it's been toned down and they've been asked to write pretty mushy background music, whereas we were given the license to do what we liked, as long as it complimented the picture."
"It was interesting to write music for that movie. Particularly I learned a completely new job because I had never composed any soundtrack before. And it gives the band a possibility to open a new market. Besides, for the first time we worked for someone else. We didn’t create songs for our own pleasure, but for the film director. Anyway, we worked freely, I mean, nobody told us what we had to do. We wrote some of the songs quickly and easily because this record sounds as a typical Queen album."

Flash Gordon Soundtrack
Record Mirror: I haven't heard this kind of music since Charlton Hesto had won in the race of carts in Ben Hur. It's really album of epic dimensions and high quality.
Sounds: As a music for Flash Gordon it is something absolutely extraordinary.

Other versions:
Flash's Theme
Single Mix
Main theme was remixed for single edition, also available on Greatest Hits album. Quite different to the original, it's their shortest single (2:45). B side of this song is Football Fight
Promo Mix (probably)
Probably exists US 12" promo with two different Flash's Theme. Rumours says they're different to the common version.
Hollywood Remix 1991
On US CD, a 6:45 long dance mix from Mist Lawng. Also called One-Two mix.
German DDR TV Mix
Music is identical to the original, just samples from the movie are different.
Greatest Flix Version
Same as Single mix, at the end there are extra drums, about 20 seconds longer.

My opinion:
Impressive, if You're watching the movie, but as individual music it has nothing to say at all. But it contains beautiful orchestral interludes, quiet and silent parts are followed with longer and faster parts.
'Flash's Theme', 'The Hero', 'Football Fight', 'Execution Of Flash' ... they're worth to hear.